NYU Diversity: Racial and Ethnic Demographics


For a very long time, New York has harbored ships from all backgrounds, cultures, religions, races, and nations and in turn, was labeled as ‘America’s melting pot’. Evidently, New York University has also attracted students from all over the world in search of cogent education. According to the summaries of NYU diversity statistics, the majority of the students identify as people of color. Here is a brief ethnic makeup of NYU in a table.

EthnicityPercentage of Student Population
Asian and Pacific Islander23%
African American/Black8%
Native American<1%

NYU is a private research university located in and around Greenwich Village and Brooklyn Heights in New York City. New York University demographics show that it homes students from over 50 states and more than 130 countries. In fact, the NYU population contains the highest number of international students of all colleges and universities in the country. That is why NYU stands 26th on the list of U.S. News’s Best Global Universities. The Niche, which is a famous website, has ranked NYU as the seventh most diverse college in the nation.

A lot of us are clueless about why race and ethnicity can have far reaching effects in the global politics and realm of education. You can get better if you read free essays at https://gradesfixer.com/free-essay-examples/race-and-ethnicity/ and understand why diversity matters through legitimate examples and global scenarios. All educational institutions are encouraging a mingling of culture and diversity.

Why is racial and ethnic diversity important in academic institutions? 

The world is full of people belonging to different castes, creeds, genders, socio-economic backgrounds, and ethnicities. Knowledge is understanding the differences between these categories and accepting that all the people in the world are not alike. Students and their parents prefer academic institutions which are diverse in nature. This is mostly because when students find themselves different from their surrounding folks, they learn. Here are a few reasons.

  1. Either they become competitive and set examples for others, or they exchange ideas with their mates and grow. The exposure to different race and ethnicities helps them explore different topics and subjects which otherwise would not have been entertained.
  2. The students, as well as the faculty, get more varied topics to talk and debate about- strategies and their applications, too. History of the dominant and dominated race, caste, or ethnicity becomes clearer to them and therefore they are free to disagree and rebel against a particular issue in a controlled environment. The idea is to have a free mindset and debate giving legitimate examples and logic.
  3. This also shapes them up for their future endeavors by making them kind and understanding towards a particular group of people who do not belong to their own in-group.
  4. The students at these institutions learn tolerance and peace-making on a first-hand basis, which the world is still quarreling over.
  5. The stereotypes of the working society, both political and religious, are somewhat broken through simple exercises like talking about the issues, assignments like essays and debates, titles of racism, and othering.

Racial and Ethnic Demographics in NYU

Research shows that other than the cognitive benefits, there are more reasons for students wanting to study in a diverse educational institution like New York University. There are approximately eight million residents in NYC. NYU stands 107 out of 3,790 in the world according to its racial demographics on paper. 

Shown below is the Undergraduate Racial-ethnic diversity found in the University of New York. Many students compete and value the opportunity to study in NYC, not only because of its educational ranking but also because of its rich amalgamation of culture and ethnicity. 

 In numbers, the figures of the racial-ethnic diversity of the University of New York demographics among the undergraduate students are noted below.

Black or African American3,486

Not only in the student body can one find great diversity but also in the members of faculty there lies a great deal of mix of people from all over the globe. However, if compared to the diversity graph of the students, the faculty shows lower results as the University has mostly white people, but if compared to other universities, there is a high racial/ethnic diversity among the faculty. 

EthnicityNumber of Faculty
Black or African American2,668
Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander36

Final Words

Globally, New York University is the largest university in the United States and is in constant strife to include diversity and promote equality on its campus. The goal of NYC is to work further towards the inclusivity and belongingness of all marginalized communities and nations. During the pandemic of Covid 19, when the anti-Black protests were surging across the nation, the university formed the BeTogether initiative which seeks to bring together all the members of the university and make it a more suitable place for education.


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