Accomplice The Show

March 16, 2017 | Mjellma Gonzales

Here is what you need to know:

  • Who: Accomplice The Show‘s all year round adventure theater experience called “Accomplice The Village”
  • Where: Location disclosed the week of your show
  • Cash: $65 per person
  • Stuff: Your mystery solving brain

After hearing a brief description of Accomplice The Village, an adventure theater experience in which “there is a mystery you solve with a group of people”, that was enough information for me, my interest was piqued. My friends and I have recently been obsessing over crime podcasts and mysteries, and I felt equipped to put my investigating skills to the test.

I did very little research before participating, which I think was for the best. Not knowing what to expect was half the fun of this adventure theater experience so I will be brief. Our group of 5 people were hired to investigate the kidnapping of a woman in the West Village. The characters we met on our journey were wacky, clever, and kept us on our toes the entire time. They gave away minimal information, forcing us to ask questions and decipher obscure clues that led us to the next location. One of the coolest aspects of the day was that the show had an underlying theme we only pieced together afterwards. It helped make sense of the randomness and brought a lot of the events full circle.

The main take away is this, “Accomplice The Village” is an experience for everyone! We hung around after completing our assignment and watched the next couple of groups come through. Investigators of all ages and demographics, hysterically laughing and having the best time just like us. Would love to attend another show by this company, go sign up with your friends now!

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