How to have the ultimate Central Park picnic!

August 21, 2020 | Stefanie DiMartino
Sponsored by Colman’s Mustard

There is still time to enjoy summer in New York before the cold weather kicks in. One of the most enjoyable ways to take in the sunshine and picturesque views of the city is through a gourmet picnic in Central Park. This is your ticket to a billion-dollar view at a low price tag.

On this summer evening, I decided to bring a gourmet charcuterie board that was based around a hot mustard that I love called Colman’s. It’s not throat hot, but nose hot. Imagine if wasabi and cayenne had a baby – that’s Colman’s. If you’re a fan of horseradish than you’ll love this mustard because Colman’s isn’t just a condiment. Their dry and prepared mustards can be used in recipes to really bring out the heat. Don’t miss their Ibota deal to get cashback on all purchases of their dry and prepared mustards. Click here to get the offer. 


I choose to have this picnic with my husband but it could be shared with friends or family too! My advice to make it as comfortable as possible is to plan the picnic during a time of day that is about 70 degrees. You don’t want to be too hot! If you’re from NYC then you know how steamy it can be in the warmer months. By planning your picnic during a time of day that the sun isn’t beating down on you it will be more comfortable.

Don’t forget to enhance your mood with music.  If you have a Bluetooth speaker bring that. However, if you do not a simple alternative is playing the music from your phone and putting your phone in a cup. This is a type of homemade speaker that is surprisingly effective!



If you’re looking for extra inspiration on putting together an incredible charcuterie board, check out my friend’s site: Herb Your Enthusiasm. She specializes in making the most incredible gourmet boards that you’ve ever seen!

This is what I used to make my board:

  • Colman’s Prepared Mustard
  • A variety of cured meats and salami
  • Gherkins (tiny pickles)
  • Pickled red onions
  • Olives
  • Sliced baguette
  • Crackers
  • A variety of cheeses
  • Sweet and savory spreads
  • A drink of your choice
SarahFunky Colmans-3.jpg

This charcuterie board could be enjoyed in a variety of ways. Each item could be eaten individually or you could combine a few. I love making little tea sandwiches with Colman’s Mustard, meats, cheeses and slices of baguettes.


It’s no surprise that Central Park is huge and getting a good picnic location can be competitive. A lot of people go to the Great Lawn, but I prefer finding hidden places instead. We had our picnic on the edge of the lake in a private location. It required climbing over a few rocks to get there but has an incredible few of the water, lawn and skyline. Click here for its location on a map.

SarahFunky Colmans.jpg

Another lovely aspect of this spot was that there were jazz musicians playing nearby. It allowed us to listen to live music while looking at a billion dollar view and enjoying a tasty charcuterie board.

There is no better way to spend time with a loved one than having a fun picnic in Central Park. Gather your goodies and plan a date before the cold winter months roll in! 

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