A Magical Dining Experience

March 25, 2015 | Stefanie DiMartino


I was told about “A Taste of Magic” through my sister, who knows that I would be unable to resist an evening of conjuring and culinary excellence. As a little girl reading the Harry Potter books, I became interested in the allure of magic. Then there is fine dining…who doesn’t love that? A Taste of Magic is dedicated to combining these two things together; exquisite cuisine and great closeup entertainment.

A Taste of Magic is a dinner theatre production that is held in various Manhattan restaurants. When you aren’t being entertained, you will be dining at world renowned restaurants around NYC: Tout Va Bien Bistro, Gossip Restaurant, Dock’s or Ben and Jack’s Steakhouse. Between each course, world class entertainers will astound and delight you with a closeup magic show right at your table. They perform sleight of hand, card tricks and even mind reading. There is no better way to experience magic in New York City.

With your meal included in the ticket price ($75) there is no need to break the bank. This includes a three course meal and entertainment a hands reach away. Considering most shows in NYC cost this much and don’t include a meal, a Taste of Magic is an incredible offering for what they provide.

Guests can either book a private table or be seated at a group table with other audience members. As someone who can be shy, sitting with “strangers” made me nervous at first, however, we soon became close and even ended up going out for drinks once the show was over. The people that attend the show are fun-loving and down to have a good time. The show is family friendly and perfect for a date night or a night out with friends.

Check out their calendar for more information on their next shows!

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