Yunke Zipline Adventure

July 6, 2016 | Stefanie DiMartino

A unique experience in the lush and beautiful Luquillo Mountains’ foothills. Yunke Zipline Adventure is located just North of the Caribbean National Rainforest.

Here is what you need to know:

  • Who: Yunke Zipline Adventure
  • Where: Luquillo, Puerto Rico
  • Cash: $105 per person
  • Stuff: Sneakers, shorts, and a comfy top.

The phrase “tree whisperer” has not been used to describe Luis. Until now.

Gliding through the treetops – wishing we had a sound effects for that shirt.

After a good hike, letting the cool shade of the canopy cool you off is the best way to prepare for repelling down!

Beautiful and intricate root structure of the forest bed.

“Oh, the pioneers used to ride these babies for miles, and it’s in great shape”

The face of excitement as he went down the longest line that Yunke Zipline Adventure had!

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