A Night Out in Lima With a Local

May 9, 2017 | Sarah

Catterina, a local Peruvian fashion blogger, and I clinked our glasses as we said “Salud!”. We shared a plate of Saquitos de Asado (fried shredded beef) at Mad Bar in the BTH Hotel, while sipping on expertly crafted pineapple Pisco cocktails.


It was a funky night out in Peru’s largest city. Lima is filled with some of the best restaurants in the world (2 out of the top 10 restaurants are located here) and is a great starting point for epic adventure trips, such as Huacachina or Machu Picchu. I only had a month in this wonderful country and Catterina had happily agreed to show me the local nightlife scene.

As a fashion blogger, she had the best looks for our night out in Lima. She let me borrow a trendy 2-piece dress from Lazos de Seda to wear for our dinner and cocktails at BTH Hotel before we headed out for a night of fun.


One of the things I love about meeting locals while traveling is that they have an inside perspective into the area that is better than any guide book. Over delicious dinner at Quimera Restaurante, she shared information about Lima to help me acclimate to the culture quickly; information that is essential for someone living in an area for only a month or even tourists visiting for a week.

For example, I didn’t know about the funky BTH Hotel and their restaurant and bar until she told me about it. As a fashion blogger, she also shared that they have fun events here often. In fact, the previous evening they had hosted a fashion show in their lobby. With fashion week coming up, I’m sure the hotel will be packed with fashion designers and travelers visiting to participate in the festivities.

For dinner, we dined on an appetizer of chitillas; delicate fish fillets with aromatic fennel, lemon beebrush and garlic, a main course of Asado en Chacra; grilled tenderloin that’s marinated for 48 hours in inca chimichurri sauce, and a sweet dessert of various Peruvian ice creams. The cuisine was expertly prepared and every dish was incredibly satisfying. We did their dinner menu that comes with an appetizer, main course and dessert. I highly recommend it!

One of my favorite parts about Quimera Restaurante was that it was an open kitchen; diners could see the chefs preparing their food. It was almost as if we had dinner and a show!


After dinner, we changed into a new look to take Lima’s nightlife scene. As we left the hotel, I made a mental note to myself that when I return to Lima, I needed to stay at BTH Hotel for the night. The rooms are simplistic with striking sophistication. They are trendy, modern and have a refreshing, innovative style.

Now about our night out….well, I’ll just have to share that with you another time. Until then, Chao!

We were guests of the BTH Hotel, Mad Bar and Quimera Restaurante, but the opinions are our own. The BTH Hotel’s rooms start at $72 per night. To learn more about BTH Hotel and their dining/drink options visit bth.pe.


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