Saratoga Polo

July 2, 2016 | Stefanie DiMartino



This was our first time at a game of Polo and as you may have expected, sports like these are much more exhilerating when viewed live, especially with a cold drink at hand. While we waited for the event to start at the historic Whitney Field, nothing else could be more appropriate than ordering a cheese platter with a variety of crackers, cheeses and grapes. You know what they say, when in Rome, or in this case Saratoga, you should do as the Saratogians do, so we wouldnt have much of an experience unless we also washed it all down with Saratoga Water.

This match had the ultimate rivalry, battle of the sexes if you will. It was amazing to watch the skilled riders on their horses maneuvering and zig zagging through the field in order to score a goal. The game is split into quarters with a 15 min break between the halves. During the break everyone is given the chance to head to the field and do some good ol’ divot stomping, a long standing polo tradition. Speaking of tradition, as the match proceeds one can experience a sabrage- the much anticipated event of taking a sabre to a bottle of champagne. Although it is done at times to congratulate the winning team, in this match it was done throughout the entirety of the game and at several different locations (if you were willing to pay the premium for the bubbly stuff!)

All in all, the match took place on a beautiful warm day, and as the evening progressed it got cooler and more comfortable. As the event wound down, we were able to chat with our friends and socialize with other members of the club who are regulars at these matches. Everyone was very friendly and the staff ensured that we had a great time at our first Polo match, we definitely look forward to going next time!

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