February 3, 2021 | Sarah Funky

New York may be on the dream destination list for any visitor coming to the US, but despite the multicultural experiences it offers, it comes with its own set of challenges. While there is no limit to the dearth of attractions, there are safety concerns which need looking into. This article will provide you with all time-tested tips you will need, especially if it is a short visit to the Big Apple.

Book well before your trip

You will save a lot of money if you book your tickets, events, visits, etc as far in advance as possible before your departure for New York. You can easily do this online and will be able to budget your expenses over the period of your stay.

Get a New York City PASS

The New York CityPASS grants entry to 6 of the 8 most popular attractions at a discount of more than 40%. The pass is valid for nine days from date of first use and significantly reduces waiting at most of the attractions. (Kids under five are allowed free entry at 5 out of 9 attractions). Pass is best for first time visitors and those spending 3-8 days in the city.

Getting around

Public transportation is the best option to get around in the city that never sleeps. Parking, tolls, and traffic are a big pain, so using the subway and buses helps a lot. In Manhattan, the subway operates 24/7 and connects every point on the metropolitan route.

Stay in the right neighborhood

If it is your first trip, choose a place like Times Square to stay which is close to most attractions. If you don’t mind a few minutes of commuting, then rent a room in Long Island City, which is just 10-15 minutes by subway from Times Square and cheaper than any place in the center of the city.

Use luggage storage facilities

If traveling without luggage is not possible, the latest storage trend in the travel industry will take your weight off if you are looking to store luggage in NYC. LuggageHero is a reputable agency, having more than 130 locations all over NYC, which makes finding a place to store your heavy stuff easy. Just check their site to read this detailed guide for luggage storage, then easily drop off your luggage at the designated stop and enjoy your time. You need to pay just $1 per hour per bag (maximum $6 per day), with a security seal and insurance cover of $3000 while in storage. Be it luggage storage Penn Station or any other place in NYC, Luggagehero has you covered. 

Don’t miss these activities

You most likely will be jet-lagged when flying into the US, so getting up early will be easier. Carry a water bottle, don a pair of good walking shoes and make sure your camera is handy so that you can relive the memories of your unforgettable moments. First, head to the White Hall terminal and take the free shuttle ferry to enjoy views of the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, Governors Island, and the skyscrapers of Manhattan. Walking will not only save you time but you will see much more of New York in the allotted time to see the city. If you are a shopping addict, head to Fifth Avenue from where you are certain not to return empty-handed.

Grab a nice lunch

The best thing about New York is the diverse food scene. The most unique places to enjoy this is undoubtedly, Chinatown. After consuming an array of rice and beef classics, be sure to take a stroll to Columbus Park, if you want to have an instant taste of Asia.

Stroll the Soho District

The latter part of a day can be best utilized by taking a walk around the trendy Soho district of the city. Visit McNally Jackson Books, regarded as an institution by writers and readers alike, for a bookworm cafe experience, over a bagel and cup of coffee. The benches on the High Line to the west of the Hudson River are perfect to catch a glimpse of the dramatic pink sunsets New York is known for.

Most travelers feel an adrenaline rush when on their first visit to New York City. This hotbed of activity can be a manageable and friendly place if you follow the above mentioned travel essentials.

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