What to Know About Attending College in New York City

May 3, 2023 | Sarah Funky

If your four-year college education will be taking place in New York City, it’s essential to be ready for the experience. New York is considered the financial and cultural capital of the world, so undertaking a degree program during that environment is a unique experience. Every year, millions of college-age youth head to the Big Apple to begin or continue their educational journeys. Those who are arriving in the city for the first time have concerns about the cost of living and other issues.

The good news is that while it can be costly to reside in NYC, being a student is a different matter. Likewise, it makes good sense to have a credit card in your pocket when negotiating daily life in the world’s most famous town. Benefits of matriculating in the area include the chance to land summer internships with some of the world’s best-known corporations, build an extensive personal and professional network, and take in top-notch entertainment on weekends and during semester breaks. Consider the following points about living and studying in NYC as a young student on a limited budget.

You Need a Credit Card

Budgeting can be tricky in any large metro area. That’s why it’s essential for first-year students to have a credit card. This principle is particularly important for those who are already managing their own finances. However, be sure to research all your options and select a card that suits your spending habits and needs. Applying for a first credit card can be a challenge. Young adults tend to have a hard time getting approved, but there are several ways to approach the situation and build financial stability, even if you’re just beginning an academic career. The main goal is to get a card and use it as a way of leveling out your monthly budget.

Getting Summer Internships is a Smart Move

As a corporate world headquarters for more than 100 top companies, summer internships are available for those who want them. While not all are paid positions, they all offer young adults the chance to acquire on the job experience in any field. Top choices for those who seek summer internships are jobs in finance, real estate, healthcare, IT, sales, marketing, and management.

Personal Safety is a Choice

The media is full of stories about big city crime. As New York locals know, there are plenty of ways to make everyday life safer and more secure, even for newcomers who are in town for a few years to earn a degree. First, living on campus comes with a few safety benefits, like gated communities and 24/7 security guards. It’s also wise to buy a few window and door alarms that are motion activated and place them on all points of entry in your living space. Off campus residents can keep watchdogs and add smart locks to their doors. No matter what your situation is while attending school, check with people who have lived in NYC for a while and get additional safety suggestions from them. Many will say to get a dog, add an extra deadbolt, or take a self-defense class.

It’s the Best City for Networking

With more than 5 million business professionals in the greater metro area, the Big Apple represents the greatest opportunity for young adults who want to network. Even if you never land a job in the city or have no intention of working there, it’s the ideal location for collecting names and contact information from people in every occupation under the sun. In the digital age, it doesn’t matter so much where you live and work as much as how connected you are. Attending college at one of the dozens of institutions in and around NYC makes it easy to jumpstart a professional networking effort.

Entertainment Options Are Endless

It’s no secret that NYC is the entertainment capital of the US if not the entire world. For young adults who are attending collegiate or university programs in the city, weekends are the ideal time to take advantage of the unlimited fun. A short list of what’s available includes Broadway shows, live comedy, musical reviews, nightclub acts, professional dance shows, opera, world-class ballet productions, community plays, Shakespeare festivals, and much more. If you have the desire to take part in amateur performances, there are numerous openings for actors, dancers, and comedians.

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