Three Hobbies That You Can Easily Pick Up on Your Travels

May 21, 2020 | Sarah

Some trips are full of non-stop action, where you’re moving swiftly between places so you can throw yourself into the next activity on your jampacked itinerary. Some trips are a little more leisurely, whether you plan on soaking up beautiful weather, or you have time alone with your thoughts as you travel between destinations. If your holiday fits into the latter category, then your travels could provide the ideal time to pick up a new hobby.

These hobbies don’t require much equipment, plus they can be started and stopped based on the whims of the traveler. If you find that mental stimulation can be a problem while traveling, these three hobbies could provide the solution.


Whether you’re writing something to share with others or you’re simply writing something for yourself, this hobby is a great creative and emotional outlet for travelers. The obvious format for a roaming writer is a travel diary, which is an effective way for a solo traveler to express their thoughts. If you’d prefer to connect with a community of fellow travelers, then you may wish to produce a travel blog to document your experiences.

f you’ve always had aspirations to produce some sort of creative work but have lacked the time or motivation, then traveling could be the perfect opportunity to come up with your first novel or play. Losing yourself in a new environment can be a wonderful source of inspiration for writers, where you can gain whole new perspectives on your existing ideas. All you need is a pen and some paper – probably worth finding room for a spare pen and pad if you’re planning on churning out a novel!


If you’re someone who loves to stay in touch with current affairs while traveling, why not use that as a chance to pick up a new hobby in the form of trading? Trading on foreign exchange markets, also known as forex, involves the selling of one currency in order to purchase another, using price fluctuations driven by global news to generate a profit. All you need is a device with an internet connection, as several forex brokers now offer comprehensive mobile platforms.

You don’t even need to worry about making mistakes and losing money during your holiday, as most brokers allow traders to sign up with a forex demo account to practice their strategies. This means you use virtual funds to make your trades, so there’s no chance of it affecting your traveling budget. If you’ve enjoyed the numerical challenge of sudoku as a holiday hobby in the past, then trading could scratch that same itch while keeping you connected to the world at home. 


Wherever you go, you can do yoga. You don’t need running shoes, a bike, or a set of weights; all you need is a peaceful environment and a bit of (preferably comfortable) space to work in. If you’re a beginner, then you can either learn from a local yoga instructor or you can use one of the many yoga books to guide your movements.

However your travels are going, yoga is a perfect relief. If you’re finding that the challenges of traveling are becoming overwhelming, yoga can help to ease the stress and calm your mind. Maybe you’ve been blown away by the place that you’re visiting, in which case some outdoor yoga can help you connect even more deeply with your surroundings. If you’re worried that you’re going to miss out on physical exercise or mental relaxation while traveling, use your trip as an opportunity to take up yoga for the first time. 

In these three hobbies you’ve got an outlet for your creativity, something for your analytical side, and a form of exercise. All you need to pick up these hobbies on your travels is a pen, some paper, and your phone – plus maybe a yoga mat! That shouldn’t be too much of a burden for your backpack or suitcase, making these the ideal hobbies to develop on your travels.

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