July 2, 2016 | Stefanie DiMartino


It’s not as scary as it sounds!


Follow the twisting roads to Hana on the island of Maui and you will find a quaint airport often used for the very wealthy who have their second homes in the beautiful jungle town.  Driving into the Hana airport, you’ll find a hanger equipped with a powered hang glider about the size of a motorcycle and it’s charming pilot, Armin, who has been giving tours since 1990 and has even been on MTV piloting Jenny McCarthy throughout the Hawaiian skies. 

or those that are not afraid of heights and want to know what it feels like to fly, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Arriving at the hanger, Armin will provide you with a red leather flying suit comparable to something you would see in a race driver wear.  The Hawaiian breeze 100 feet up can get cold so you will want to wear the suit! 

Once you have been strapped into the hang glider, Armin will start the motor and take off from the runway. This part is breath taking as you see the world below you expand into vast jungles, caverns, and jagged shorelines. When the hang glider has reached it’s maximum height Armin will shut off the engine and together you will cruise down the side of a volcano, along the jagged and lush-green shoreline, and follow twisting rivers throughout the Hana jungle. It is common to see pods of whales swimming throughout the crystal clear Maui water. 

fter 30 minutes to an hour (depending on your lesson), Armin will land the hang glider in an exhilarating but powerfully controlled descent. It was a fabulous rush and a must try for the more adventurous!


  1. There are many hang gliding experiences in Maui, however, Hana is the most beautiful location to do it in. We recommend Hang Gliding Maui as the company to use.
  2. Go in the spring if you would like a higher chance of seeing whales!
  3. When traveling to Hana, make a day or two out of it, as the trip can be 3 hours long with the curvy jungle roads. There is much to do in Hana so you will not be bored!

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