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July 2, 2016 | Stefanie DiMartino



Riding in a biplane with Stick n’ Rudder Aero Tours was by far the highlight of my trip to Cape Cod. A biplane is different than a traditional Cessna (or small plane) because it has an open top. It is essentially a convertible in the sky. As someone who has visited the area over 15 times, it was refreshing to see the beautiful sandy shores from a different angle. The views were absolutely breathtaking!

We arrived at Chatham airport on a sunny day around noon to have our 30 minute flight over an area known as “The Clam Digger”. This encompasses Chatham, Orleans and Provincetown. It was an ideal way to see the National Seashore. Our pilot was a bright young guy, who was probably around my age, and had been flying planes for years. He knew as much about planes as I do about adventure travel. It was impressive!

Our full experience is captured in our video so be sure to check it out above. Overall, highlights of the flight path include the wreck of the SS James Longstreet target ship sunken in the bay (which apparently you can scuba at?!), the Provincetown Monument, the bay’s rainbow colored sand and a bunch of massive mansions that I would like to live in. A girl can dream, right?

I highly recommend this experience. If I had to return and do something again it would be this. To check it out visit their site here. Enjoy!

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