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August 20, 2019 | Mjellma Gonzales

  • What: A pizza (& history of pizza) tour of New York where you will visit four of the best pizza spots in NYC.
  • Where: Downtown Manhattan
  • When: Available on Saturday & Sundays from 3p- 5p
  • Cost: $45

If there was any doubt New York is the pizza capital of the world, it has been put to rest after joining Scott’s Pizza Tours. Think about it, every city has their own unique style of pizza, but like everything else, New Yorkers get to enjoy the best of the best foods from all over the world right in one place.
Our pizza guide for the day, Justin, showed us there is so much more to appreciate about the delicacy than just the moments when you’re eating it. There is the history of pizza, how it has been a part of pop culture, and the creativity that goes into each recipe, he had us hooked the entire time.

For instance, can you believe it was American’s who made pizza popular? It gained major popularity in the United States when WWII soldiers returned home from war, they craved the flavors they experienced while stationed in Italy. There were, of course, some pizzerias already opened by Italian immigrants. The first being Lombardi’s on Spring Street, opened in 1905, but not until the mid-twentieth century did pizza culture really take off.

Prince Street Pizza
Emmett’s Pizza

The pizzas we indulged in on the tour were prepared in a variety of styles, Neapolitan, Margherita, Sicilian and Chicago deep dish to name a few, some taking only 60 seconds to cook! Justin taught us a creative way to eat a slice, rip off the crust, lay it the long way in the center of the triangle, fold and eat. This way you will get crust and cheese in every bite, genius.

My personal favorite was the Spicy Spring, from Prince Street Pizza. A square slice of fluffy bread, covered in a savory tomato sauce, fresh mozzarella, topped with crispy pepperoni bowls. They leave the slice in the oven a little longer than others to crisp up the pepperoni, so good.  A nice perk of being with the tour group is no waiting on lines! Scott’s Pizza Tours has the “in” with each of the stops and you are served right away.

Lombardi’s Pizza

Lombardi’s Pizza

We won’t divulge all of the secrets of Scott’s Pizza Tours but here are some key takeaways – go hungry, and pace yourself! The samples are generous and you will leave the tour stuffed.  
I can’t think of a more “New Yorker” way to enjoy a Sunday afternoon, whether you are visiting for the weekend or a native, do yourself a favor and sign up today!

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