4 Reasons Why Now Is A Great Time To Plan The Ultimate Golf Trip

June 5, 2021 | Sarah Funky

A golf trip with your buddies or family is always a great idea. It’s fun and lets you explore different locations while socializing with new people.

If you are an upcoming golfer, the trip acts as excellent motivation for your journey. Planning for the trip is as simple as planning for a family getaway, only that, in this scenario, the places of interest will be golf courses.

If you are wondering the right time to plan your golf trip, this article is for you. Here, we shall explain why now is a great time to plan the ultimate golf trip.

1. It’s Cost Friendly

In December 2019, the first ever case of Coronavirus was recorded in Wuhan, China. The virus would later spread like bushfire, and in March 2020, the WHO declared it a pandemic. Governments in different countries spearheaded the campaigns to stop the spread. International flights were stopped, and social gatherings were banned to maintain social distance.

Recently, and after a long period of lockdown, countries are now opening their doors to foreigners. Many golf courses around the world that had remained closed during the pandemic are now coming back to life. 

The pandemic struck almost every sector, and this means that every area is trying all means to return. The reason why you should plan your golf trip now is that you are likely to spend less as compared to before the pandemic. 

Accommodations are cheap since most of the hotels are now looking for new clients. The cost of golf courses is also more affordable than before. Therefore, you shouldn’t be scared to try new golf courses, as far as South Africa, if your pocket allows. 

2. Fewer People on the Course

The news about the deadly coronavirus pandemic saw many people stay in their homes. With social gatherings being abolished, golf courses have never been the same crowded venues you used to know. 

Even after the spread has toned down, people have not yet returned back to their everyday life. Golf courses have yet to regain their capacity. A reason why you should choose this timing for your golfing trip is that you will have plenty of space to play than before.

If you are looking to improve your game, then this is the ideal opportunity. Golf gurus at The Left Rough often say that this sport requires total concentration. With fewer people on the course, it’s much easier to learn. Besides, with fewer players, it means that the instructors available will give you maximum attention. Therefore, you are more likely to up your game right now. 

3. Perfect Opportunity to shed down the Lockdown Weight

The coronavirus pandemic saw many companies sending their staff home to work from there. First, the benefits that come with working from home can never be ignored. However, it’s important to note that this formula also has its drawbacks.

Spending time at home has seen many people remain inactive. With gyms being the first places to close doors, many people have experienced an incredible increase in weight. Now that things everywhere are slowly returning to normal, you must be looking for means to regain your old shape.

Did you know that playing golf is an excellent form of exercise? Yes, while working on your swings out there in the sun, you are working every muscle in the body, which is fantastic. The walks you take around the golf course while carrying your bag are more than enough exercise.

Golfing, therefore, remains an ideal remedy to cut weight as you will be doing something that you enjoy. You may not even realize how you will regain your old body shape.

4. A Home Away From Home

How often do you play golf? Some players hit the course daily, while others make it a weekend thing. It doesn’t matter your attendance. What matters is the experience. 

Playing on the same golf course over and over again can somehow get boring. It’s good to try new golf courses now and then. Trying a new golf course gives you a different experience and helps you sharpen your skills. 

A golf trip allows you to explore new courses. Therefore, if you want to elevate your skills, you should plan that golf trip now. On the new course, you also get to link up with new players who are passionate about the game. In the process, you might acquire one or two skills to take home with you. 

Planning a golf trip with your buddies is always a great idea. Many benefits come along. Mentioned in this blog are reasons why you should plan your trip now. By reading through the blog, you will understand why you shouldn’t hesitate when your buddies approach you with the idea. 

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