Horse Racing Paradise: Del Mar’s Winning Blend Of Action and Ocean 

July 18, 2023 | Sarah Funky

The Del Mar Racecourse, built-in 1937 by Bing Crosby and other participants, has long since become a wonderful haven for horse racing along Southern California. It has a long history of 80 years and has had much time to amplify its appeal. The mix of beautiful weather and the exciting races in the Del Mar races schedule promises a spectacular experience for the audience. 

Therefore, this horse racing paradise is discussed in this article and the features that make it stand out. Read on to find out more. 

The Main Attraction – The Del Mar Racecourse  

When you visualize Del Mar, one particular feature that comes to mind is the entrancing atmosphere. And this is a product of the stunning view the ocean gives as well as the great weather. 

Moreover, with horses racing down the track, the audience is treated to a jaw-dropping spectacle which makes Del Mar distinct from every other racetrack in the world. This spectacle is further heightened as the horses have their forms silhouetted against the ocean. So it is more or less like being in a serene and beautiful environment while keeping track of the exciting races. 

The Exhilarating Racing Experience 

Among the charms of Del Mar is its calendar, which is usually packed full of thrilling races. And these races feature a combo of the best horses, jockeys, and trainers. 

But of all the races that take place at this racetrack, the most important is the Del Mar Thoroughbred Club summer meet. It takes place between mid-July and early September every year. Due to how popular the event is, top horses from all over the world converge at the track to compete. 

Furthermore, while the Del Mar Thoroughbred Club event is on, one of the most looked-forward-to races that take place is the Pacific Classic. It is otherwise known as the Breeders’ Cup of the West. In this race, they compete to win a huge prize and also make history in the process. 

Besides the Pacific Classic, another well-known race that comes up is the Del Mar’s Oaks. It is a race designated for female horses within a three-year age bracket. With this race, the audience gets to enjoy the horses’ grace, skill, and talent as they run. 

Other Side Attractions and Amenities at Del Mar 

Asides activities and attractions relating to horse racing, the Del Mar Racecourse shows that it has more to offer than just that. And all of this is to make the experience much more enjoyable. 

For instance, right beside the track, there is a place to shop and eat while taking in the Pacific Ocean’s view. This place is called the Del Mar Plaza. Here, guests can explore various delicacies and also check out the stores during their stay. 

In addition, the Del Mar village is situated close to the tracks. The village oozes a relaxed atmosphere and offers cozy cafes, art galleries, and interesting shops. It is a perfect place to relax and enjoy a day outside of the hustle and bustle of the races. 

Special Events and Entertainment 

In addition to everything else that Del Mar has to offer, they also provide special activities and entertainment for everyone, even families. As such, families get to enjoy a picnic in an open area while the kids can have a fun time at the playgrounds. 

Moreover, a special event called the Family Fun Day is a unique event that Del Mar put in place to include everyone in the fun. On this day, kids get to ride ponies, everyone can paint their faces, and whoever wishes can go see friendly animals. 

Del Mar also hosts special events and concerts during the racing season. These events may range from craft beer festivals to live music performances and many more. It thus gives a specific blend of entertainment when you mix a live band with the din of the Del Mar racing program. 


With its beautiful views of the ocean and exhilarating horse races, the Del Mar Racecourse offers a great experience. Regardless of whether you are there for the races or the other side attractions, this horse racing paradise will leave a lasting impression. Enjoy!

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