How Travel Can Help Your Career

May 22, 2022 | Sarah Funky

Although you might think that travel is simply something that you do to escape from work
and have a break from the daily grind of your workplace, it is important to realize that travel
can help your career in many ways. As such, if you love to travel but also want to prioritize
your career, here are some of the ways that travel can help your career in 2022 and beyond.

Helps You De-Stress

Many people decide to travel once or twice a year, using up some of their paid vacation to
do this, and they may not see their travel experiences as essential, particularly not when it
comes to their career progression. However, the fact that travel can go a long way in helping
you to relax, de-stress, and relieve the pressure of the workplace means that it can aid your
career. If you are feeling stressed and hate going to work for this reason, travel can help your
career by refreshing and energizing you. This means that, when you are ready to return to
the workplace again, you will be able to enjoy it again and to re-ignite your passion for your
industry without your feelings of stress diminishing this feeling. To de-stress on vacation, you
should choose a peaceful destination, avoid planning too far ahead when it comes to your
activities, and consider performing activities such as yoga and meditation. You should also
de-stress by spending time with the people you love and ignoring notifications from work or
colleagues unless they are urgent. This will then allow you to exist completely in the moment
without work constantly being on your mind.

Cultivates Learning

Traveling can also cultivate learning, which is essential for the progression of your career. For
instance, when you are abroad, you are likely to learn more than you do daily at home as you
will be able to travel to exhibits that you have never been to before. A lot of people spend
their vacations sightseeing, and this means that you can go to places that are important for
your industry and which may allow you to find out more about your industry’s history and
the latest developments within it. However, this highly depends on the location that you visit,
and yet this is a great way to learn without feeling as if you are learning.
You might also learn a new language while you are out there, as traveling can encourage you
to learn a language as you will be constantly surrounded by this language, and you will need
it to communicate with the people that you meet when you are over there. As such, to learn
a new language, as well as picking it up from the people around you, you should consider
investing in a foreign language dictionary that translates words into both English and
another language. You should also consider downloading language apps and consider
signing up to free courses online.
However, just because you are traveling, this does not mean that you have to abandon your
more formal means of learning. Online degrees are a great way to keep up with studies while
also seeing the world. They can allow you to get all of the resources that you need through a
digital portal, and you can even submit assignments online. This can then allow you to
sightsee however much you want, and then study in your downtime. As such, to find a
degree that suits you, such as one in counseling, you should consider looking at Walsh
University for their selection of healthcare degrees. However, when you are taking one of
these qualifications, you should make sure that you are aware of counselor stress and how
travel can help you to overcome this.

Understand Different Cultures

Travel can also help your career as it can allow you to get a deep understanding of different
cultures rather than just your own. Many people only experience one or two cultures in their
lives and tend to get culture shock if they spend a lot of time in another country, for
instance, on an extended vacation. However, going on these vacations can be incredibly
useful as they can allow you to see how your industry and job are treated in other countries,
and cultural differences that could help you to connect with others in your workplace or even
your clients. It can allow you to pick up habits and customs that can allow you to put many
people at ease and that can ensure that everyone feels comfortable with you and is on the
same page as you.
Not only this but going to another country on a trip can allow you to get insight into the way
that your industry operates abroad, as there might be both cultural and technological
differences. To realize these differences, you should consider going to industry events and
conferences while you are abroad, making connections with other professionals while you
are abroad and attending networking events, and even taking a work experience position
while you are there or visiting a museum for your industry. This can then help you to get
insights that you can then apply to your job when you get home and that could help you to
make changes to your industry in the country that you work in. You might even decide that
you want to work or help the industry in the country that you have traveled to and move

Gain Independence and Confidence

Travel can also help you to gain the independence and confidence that is integral to a long
and successful career. Independence can help you to lead your own projects and make
important decisions, as well as impress your manager when you get home. You will gain
independence when you travel, as you have to stay organized when you are away and look
out for yourself, especially if you are traveling solo. You will have to communicate with many
others and make decisions for yourself, even if this is what to eat or where to go during the
day. You will also be leading yourself and doing whatever you want. This can then help to
prove to yourself that you can stand on your own two feet.
Travel can also help you to boost your confidence. Confidence is vital for you to excel in your
career as it can help you to push yourself and your skills forward, can help you network
efficiently, and can make sure that you can present yourself and convincingly pitch your
talents. Not only this, but people are more likely to take you seriously and respect you in the
workplace, as well as consider you for a promotion when you want to move up your career
ladder. As such, travel can allow you to gain the confidence that you need as it can allow you
to focus on the good parts of yourself, hone your talents and skills, can help you to
overcome your worries and weaknesses, and can encourage you to try doing activities that
you may never have thought possible before.

Boosts Your Resumé

Traveling can also boost your resumé. Although you might think that employers do not want
their staff taking off a lot of time to travel and that this might prevent them from employing
you, having traveled a lot in the past can be an asset to you and your resumé. This is because
you learn an assortment of transferrable skills on vacation, such as organization and timekeeping, that you will then be able to apply to the job in question. As such, you should not
be afraid of putting your travel on your resumé, and should instead put this on the other
interests section of your resumé. Many employers want to know that their employees have
interests outside of work as this means that you are a well-rounded person with a passion
and curiosity for life.

Find What You Want to Do

Travel can also help you to progress in your career by allowing you to get a better idea of
what you want to do as a career. If you are uncertain or are currently in a career crisis where
you think a change might be necessary, then travel can help you to unravel your thoughts
about your career and what you believe a good career might be for you. This is because, by
traveling, you will be able to participate in a lot of experiences that you might not usually get
at home. This can then help you to find experiences that you might want to do every day or
as a career. For instance, you might do a water sport that you fall in love with or visit a place
that you want to move to and live in every day. As such, traveling can help you to sort out
your thoughts about your career and can help you to find a career path that you love.

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