Shanghai Mermaid Mexico City

March 18, 2017 | Ross Greenberg

A Mexico City inspired soiree that takes you back to Prohibition Era in 1929. 

If you read my last post, then you know what Juliette’s parties are capable of and this week’s was no exception! Juliette dreamed up yet another stop on the Shanghai Express, this time in Mexico City! The event was held at The Django in the Roxy Hotel which is a gorgeous and cozy bar and cabaret tucked into the basement.

Upon entering the venue, you feel suddenly transported back to Mexico City, 1929, thanks to the music in the air, the perfectly on-theme (and not gaudy) decor and the crowd of elegantly dressed partygoers. 

Gif credit: Melisse Seleck

From flower crowns to flapper dresses and fur stoles to Frida Kahlo‘s – the ladies of this party showed up in style! These outfits demanded your attention! The gentlemen didn’t disappoint either! Incredibly dapper three-piece suits and fedoras were spotted all over the party, as well as a few caballeros showing off a little more of a Mexican flare! 

Gif credit: Melisse Seleck

I wandered through the crowd while sipping a rather delicious Tommy’s Margarita, as I felt I should drink on theme for the evening!

The first act was the infectiously upbeat Radio Jarocho featuring the gorgeous Julia del Palacio. Their music, singing and dancing was a welcome start to the evening, even getting some guests to create an impromptu dance floor in the middle of the room! 

After a short break, Dame Cuchifrita took the stage and wowed us all with an exciting and dangerously sexy burlesque act invoking a plot of an ex lover gone evil… Her act, performed to Lydia Mendoza’s “Mal Hombre,” included a little audience participation (whether voluntary or not) with various male guests serving as her “mal hombre” stand-ins! 

After the acts wrapped up, Juliette herself took to the stage in a sleek black gown and hat and thanked the crowd for coming out! She explained the reasoning for choosing Mexico City as they theme of the night. “Shanghai Mermaid has never been overtly political, but inherently it really is, because the party is all about celebrating the diversity of different cultures. I believe our diversity as New Yorkers, as Americans, as people, is our strength.” She cried out: “Drink! Have fun! And we’ll talk of revolution in a little while…!” 

If revolution looks anything like her parties, sign me up!

Juliette’s next soiree is the annual Dragon Ball on February 25th with tickets gong on sale soon! 

We were guests of this party, however, the opinions are our own. 

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