How to find calm when you’re always busy

May 11, 2022 | Sarah Funky

I’m an entrepreneur living in NYC –the city that never sleeps. It is fast-paced and there is always something to do. I love that about it, but it also can become exhausting to live here. As an NYC content creator, tourism company owner, and a mom I feel like I never get a break – until recently.

One day, while in Brooklyn, I was talking to a friend over mezcal cocktails, and learned that she used CBD to help her relax. I heard a lot about CBD but had never tried it. However, I was always curious about it! I was a little skeptical, so I began to ask her questions:

“What does CBD do?” It helps control anxiety, encourages relaxation, relieves minor pain, reduces blood pressure, and makes falling asleep at night easier.

“How is CBD different from THC?” Though it comes from the same plant, unlike THC, CBD is not psychoactive.

“How do you take it?” There are many ways. It is up to you! You can take gummies, oils, drinks, tablets, or use topicals.

“What brand do you recommend?” Cativa CBD is a leader in science-based and nature-led CBD wellness products. They were founded by a team of world-leading scientists whose focus is on improving the performance of CBD and creating products that do no harm to the environment.

“How do I buy it?” Through their site; and it will be shipped in the mail.

(Head to the bottom of this article for a special promo code)!

After I got all my answers, I decided that I would try it. I was still nervous though because it was something I had never done and as a business owner, I always need to perform at my best. However, my friend was also a busy woman running a business, so I felt that if it works for her then it could work for me. I wanted to control my anxiety, back pain, and get a good night’s rest too!

A few days later, my Cativa CBD package arrived in the mail. I ordered the CBD oil first. This can be dropped directly into your mouth or mixed in with food/drink. I did one dropper in my mouth after I finished work for the day. It took about 1 hour before I felt the results (this is normal) but I felt so relaxed and calm once it kicked in. I have back pain from my days as a gymnast and that pain went away too! That night, I got an AMAZING night’s sleep. It was such a game changer after a stressful day! Plus, I love how it has all-natural ingredients!

Since then I’ve also tried their Delta 8 products and adore them. For me, using CBD to increase relaxation at the end of the work day has been positively life changing. I love living in NYC and how there is always something going on, but having a tool to help me calm down is essential.

I like Cativa CBD so much that I reached out to them to see if they would be willing to offer a promo code for others that would like to increase their calm, reduce anxiety, and get better sleep. They said yes! Use promo code SARAHFUNKY20 to get 20% off your order.

After all, sometimes the most productive thing you can do is relax.

Happy relaxing!

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