Ways to Make Your Life Easier as a Student in NYC

July 24, 2020 | Sarah Funky

New York City is regarded as a city of dreams for many students today. The city offers a wide range of student benefits that you just might not find elsewhere. As a student, living New York City is a big win for you, as you get the chance to experience some of the best activities, buy amazing items, and receive a higher standard style of living.

One of the ways you can make your life as a student in New York a lot easier is by spending less time working on your assignments yourself. Several tools can help you handle your academic essay writing service online. By using an Australian essay writing service such as Essay on Time, you can easily save money as the service offered has lower prices.

There are many other ways you can make your life easier in NYC. In this article, we will take a closer look at some of them and just how you can efficiently implement each one.

Top Tips for Making Your Life Easier as an NYC Student

Based on the experiences of people, there are several tips on how to start a life in New York City that is easy for a student. To get you acquainted with them, we will take a look at an overview of some of the tips. Here’s the deal:

Use Public Transit

Public transportation is one of the best ways to get yourself around New York if you don’t have a car. The transits in the city are easily affordable and sometimes offer membership plans to even reduce the costs involved.

Using public transits instead of buying a car or taking a cab is a great way to save and reduce the costs of transportation.

By subscribing or purchasing a membership plan with a transit, you can easily fit the costs with your budget. This is sure to help you make your life as a student easier in such a big city. Aside from that, you just might find some transits with students discount NYC offers.

Make Schedules

Making schedules is an important step to take towards making your life easier as a student in New York City. Today, many distractions and activities can take most of your time. To avoid such activities, you can create a schedule.

To create a schedule, ensure your spot and note all of the important things you will need to do. After identifying each activity, you just have to stick to the time frame you set for them. Doing this will assist you in making time for fun in the city of New York.

Get a Roommate

By getting a roommate in your apartment, you can easily save up the costs of paying for your rent. With a roommate, you both can split the rent, making it easier for you to pay.

Avoid Partying Too Much

If you want to have a great time in New York, one thing you should avoid is partying too much. Partying sometimes requires you to spend money on certain things. By partying at a moderate rate, you’ll easily save more money and keep to your budget.

Visit Great Attractions

Tourist attractions are great spots to visit when you are in NYC. Visiting them offers you a great time and allows you to meet new people and gain more experience. Also, there are some free things for students in NYC, including tours that can help you with the inspiration you need in writing that essay of yours.

Get a Job

Getting a job is one of the many ways you can make life easier for you as a student in NYC. As you work, you get paid and have enough cash to buy some of the best items the city has. Making your life easier as a student should be a priority, and this is one of the best techniques you can apply to do that.

Use Online Services to Increase Workflow

There are several selections of online services that can help you increase your school workflow. You can always find reliable writers from Australia that can handle some of your tasks. By using such a service, you can easily make time for yourself so you can handle other important tasks.

Cook Meals

Cooking meals is a lot cheaper than buying them from restaurants. Sometimes as a student, you might not have the time to do this, you can always pack extra to eat whenever you are too busy to cook. Aside from cooking, drinking water from the tap is also an option that saves your money.

Join Special Programs

As a student, there are several programs you can join that offer unique discounts and student benefits. Most of these programs are hosted by top organizations that feel the need to make the lives of a student easier.

As a scholar in NYC, signing up for these programs is easy once you have all of your credentials to provide. A lot of the organizations have websites in their name that help with the registration of student names, while others visit schools to offer their benefits. Some of the programs you can sign up for include:

  • CUNY’s TRiO Programs
  • Single Stop College Initiative
  • College Discovery (CD) Program
  • Foster Youth College Success Initiative (FYCSI)
  • College Discovery (CD) Program


Living a great and easier life as a student in NYC is something many students find difficult to do. If you are one of those students having doubts and experiencing difficulties in some areas of your life, then the guide above should come in handy in helping you handle things efficiently. Good luck! 

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