The Slipper Room

April 9, 2015 | Angela Voelker


  • What: Burlesque & Unique Performance Night Club. They offer many shows, we saw (and recommend) The Slipper Room Show: Mr. Choade’s Upstairs Downstairs
  • Price: $15 – Buy Tickets Here
  • Time: Saturday show starts at 10:00pm. Tues – Fri shows start between 8:00pm and 10:00pm. Check the website for more details. 
  • Directions: 167 Orchard Street, New York, NY. Subway: Take the F to 2nd Ave., or J, M, Z to Essex, or 6 to Bleeker, or N, R to Prince Street.


#ExperienceMore. Oh, experience we did, or rather, in this case it was more like witnessing rather than experiencing per se. Sarah was licked, I was quasi recruited and we both were pretty shocked at what our eyes had seen. I had to ask three times if what I thought happened really happened, and yes, yes it did. 

Let me back up and state for the record that we’re both well-rounded, well-traveled, culturally-diverse chicks, not a lot can truly shock us. Well, played Slipper Room, well played indeed. 

We thought we had a pretty good idea what was in store for us beforehand. We knew we’d see tassels, fire, thongs, heels, glitter and sparkles and possibly the rogue bare nip or two. 

The venue was two-stories, complete with red velvet curtain and disco ball. Although we didn’t arrive in time to get a seat, we had the best standing spot, front and center, we could see all the action and at one point the action could see AND hear us. OOPS!! 

The layered costumes revealed one dazzling number after another. Most were spectacular yet others slightly missed the mark. We weren’t sure about the bunny “costume” although I guess it was the night before Easter and I suppose there is a “nitch” audience. The dancer adorned buck-teeth and real carrots – that she continued to bite into and spit, yes spit, into the audience. Cover your drinks, folks. 

I was fascinated and curious about an old man in a bright red button down shirt, diamond bow tie and top hat; he napped on his table before the show started, but when the music and dancing begun, he whipped into action pulling out $1 bill after another and placing it into the dancers g-string, or holding it in his mouth so they had to bite it out. I about fell to the floor when I saw him carefully take out a wrapped “something” and reveal …..a carrot….. “nitch” audience, people. 

We saw acts with hoola hoops, rocking chairs, fire breathing, acrobatics in a hanging ring and fabric ropes. I’m not going to give too much away but I will say this, you will be awed, and shocked, maybe at a loss for words at times but above all you will be entertained. 

Witness the show at the Slipper Room and #ExperienceMore. 

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