What to Expect from Ontario When Traveling from New York?

April 25, 2024 | Sarah Funky

Ontario has quickly gained prominence within North America for being a province that has transformed itself into a tech hub. With nearly half of the population of the province not actually being Canadian residents, it’s become very popular amongst those wanting to relocate there from the likes of Europe, the United Kingdom, and the USA. It has a population of just over 15 million people, and these are mainly concentrated around three urban hubs: Toronto, Ottawa, and Waterloo. As well as being a hub for those in the IT sector wanting to make it big in the industry, the area has also proved popular amongst tourists. There are also plenty of casinos in Canada, with the best Ontario gambling sites found on casinos.com.

Ontario is big!

Ontario is a lot bigger than people think. Its land surface area is bigger than both France and Spain put together and it has the Great Lakes on its doorstep. And so if you’re based in New York, it is going to be a totally different experience for you compared to the urban metropolis that you’re used to. It is also home to one of the seven wonders of the world, of course, which is Niagara Falls. It sits at the most northern point of the falls, where the wonder starts, which then flows all the way down to the state of New York. It is home to the Horseshoe Falls, which are the largest of the three major waterfalls that make up the falls and this sits on the Ontario border.

A winter wonder

If you’re heading to Ontario from New York in the month of January, you may be lucky enough to catch Winterlude. This event is held annually for around three weeks and it’s a must-go for those who like their winter sports. It boasts the longest ice rink in the entire world and is commonly referred to as the largest snow playground in all of North America. And so if you are visiting Ontario at the start of the year, make sure, if you can, that you go and experience this.

Exchange rates are in your favor

If you’re someone who also keeps an eye on exchange rates, you’ll notice that if you’re traveling from New York to Ontario either for business or pleasure, the rate at the moment is quite favorable. At the moment, you get $1.37CAD for every $1 USD. This has been on an upward trajectory since 2021, when it dipped to $1.20CAD and back in 2009, during the global recession, it had gone as low as $0.95CAD so if the markets are anything to go by, we can expect a slow but steady increase in the exchange rate, which of course makes traveling to Ontario a lot more affordable.

How long do I have to get there from New York?

If you’re wondering how long it will take you to reach Ontario, depending on where you want to go you’re probably looking at an average at about 14 hour flight with on average 2 stops, and on average you can expect to spend around $300 USD. However, this can vary depending upon who you’re flying with and what class you opt for. This is a long round trip, but you get to see some amazing sights on the way, likewise, if you’re driving there, it’s a long but beautiful, scenic, and idyllic journey.

A tech hub

As we have already mentioned, the province of Ontario has become the second biggest ‘tech hub’ in the whole of North America after Silicon Valley in California. Its young and vibrant population are early adopters and enthusiasts of technology. It has even overtaken New York in terms of being an ideal destination for those looking to make a name for themselves in the IT industry and it’s also become a destination for a lot of tech firms to set up base in the hope of recruiting top talent within the industry. It has also become known for the large number of EV organisations that have chosen Ontario as their home, an area where AI is at the depths of research and evolution.

In Summary

If you’re wanting a beautiful break away to a destination that has everything you could want, whether it’s nightlife, a new start in the IT industry, to see a natural wonder of the world, or to explore nature at its most quaint and beautiful, Ontario is the perfect destination. It’ll provide you with the escape, peace, and tranquility you need away from the hustle and bustle of the New York metropolis. It allows you to escape from the hectic noise and fast pace that you’re used to and instead immerse yourself in nature and discover one of the most beautiful places and landscapes.

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