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July 2, 2016 | Stefanie DiMartino



After a full day at the famous Saratoga Racetrack, there is no better way to cap off your winnings (or losses!) than heading to Salt & Char to indulge in the best cuisine in Saratoga Springs has to offer.

Salt & Char was newly opened in Spring 2016, and in addition to being delicious, it has an incredible philosophy of supporting the local farmers, and encouraging local regions into improving local farming practices. Staying true to this philosophy is how they are able to showcase only the best and freshest ingredients in their dishes. Although the restaurant is fairly new and had a few staff members in training, everyone was extremely polite and professional, which ensured we had great dining experience.

We ordered our drinks and after much deliberation on what our meal would be, we got our hands on some fresh bread with Mediterranean yogurt, olive oil and spices (oregano, sesame seeds, and other aromatic ground seeds). From the start we were able to taste how extremely fresh the ingredients were, and could not wait to get more on our table!

Sparkling rose to start the meal
Sparkling rose to start the meal

To start the evening off, we selected the Bone Marrow, Steak Tartare, and Chilled Yellow Tomato Gazpacho. The bone marrow came beautifully presented sitting atop of sea salt with a side of seasoned salt. To accompany the bone marrow were capers, peppadew, parsley and other herbed aromatics. It came with a side of sour dough bread which you can enjoy the bone marrow with, either on its own or with its accompaniments. It is unquestionably rich in flavor and we highly recommend getting this, even if it is your first time trying bone marrow.

Bone Marrow - herbed aromatics, capers, peppadew
Bone Marrow – herbed aromatics, capers, peppadew

After enjoying the bone marrow, we moved on to the Steak Tartare, which came with capers, diced onions, baby greens and was topped off with quail egg. The quail egg once mixed with the steak tartar helped balance the lean steak and gave it a boost in flavor. This dish also came with a side of Gaufrettes (think crunchy wafers), which enhanced the texture of the dish, and the chef’s own Kunz Ketchup (closely resembling a sweet tamarind chutney, which was our favorite part of the dish).

Steak Tartare - gaufrettes, Kunz Ketjup
Steak Tartare – gaufrettes, Kunz Ketjup

Next was Chilled Yellow Tomato Gazpacho, which was perfect for this summer evening. Highlighting earthy flavors of parsley oil, and the freshness of cucumbers, peppers, and pineapples, we felt immediately cooled off. Although, we did also get some heat from the spices being used, it was an amazingly refreshing dish.
To accompany all of the fresh ingredients we were enjoying, it only seemed right to enjoy a cocktail. The Bourbon Smash was a delicious palate cleanser and was tremendously crisp, fruity and invigorating.

Chilled Yellow Tomato Gazpacho - watermelon, cucumber
Chilled Yellow Tomato Gazpacho – watermelon, cucumber
Bourbon smash & a craft beer
Bourbon smash & a craft beer

For our main dish, we went with the swordfish steak with calamansi juice, and the bronzino with Muhammara sauce. The swordfish, compared to the branzino, was quite strong in flavor, nonetheless very delicious and a treat. In addition to this, the rich and creamy sauce which accompanied the swordfish was balanced by sweet subtle and aromatic flavors.  The branzino was subtle and delicate in flavor, but that’s where the Muhammara sauce provided another savory layer.

Simply Grilled Swordfish Steak - kalamansi juice, charred lemon
Simply Grilled Swordfish Steak – kalamansi juice, charred lemon
Branzino, Muhammara Sauce - lime juice, black olive mosto
Branzino, Muhammara Sauce – lime juice, black olive mosto

To wrap up our experience at Salt & Char, we had to try the desserts. We selected the Grapefruit Granita and the Hazelnut Crème Brûlée – two top choices at this beautiful steak house. The Granita with dark and white chocolate shavings, fully encompassed the flavor of a fresh grapefruit, which we were pleasantly surprised with. The crème brûlée is also another one of our favorites since there are multiple layers of textures and flavors. This custardy treat was light but very rich in flavor.  

Grapefruit Granita
Grapefruit Granita

Salt & Char provides its patrons with new and exciting cuisine right in the heart of downtown Saratoga, with the help of fresh local fair, an amazing award winning chef, and staff at the ready, it was an ideal stop for our weekend in Saratoga!

If you’re headed to Saratoga Springs, be sure to check out and They have ton’s of great suggestions on restaurants, things to do, and places to visit while you’re in town! It’s a great resources for travelers and locals alike. Happy travels!

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