Celebrate Your Love for Rose Wine at Pinknic

March 21, 2017 | Stefanie DiMartino



From the glass to the grounds, Governor’s Island was bathed in pink. It was Pinknic, the ideal New York summer event. Pinknic is a Rosé themed music festival celebrating wine and summer fun. This event had it all. There was gourmet cuisine,  buckets of wine, and shades of pink everywhere the eye could see. New Yorkers, and Rosé lovers from all over the world came to enjoy this one of a kind experience and celebrate their love for the pink wine. 

Dress from Aiden Mattox Spring 2016 collection
Dress from Aiden Mattox Spring 2016 collection

My friend Krity, a fashion blogger, and I arrived at Governor’s Island in our pink Aiden Mattox dresses ready to drink, dance, and have a good time. Upon arrival, we picked up our picnic baskets, which were full of a lovely combination of sandwiches, salad, sparkling pear water, organic chips, and raspberry tarts. We noticed that all of the staff were extremely attractive men and think they hired male models to cater the event – good move Pinknic team. We approve.

The festival was created by the founders of La Nuit en Rosé, another fabulous event dedicated to rosé that is a “must-attend” for wine lovers. They have several events around the US throughout the year.

We were delighted to taste still and sparkling rosé selections from Château d’Esclans, Moët & Chandon, and Chandon in a setting suited for summer’s favorite beverage. But rosé wasn’t the only thing taking center stage. Throughout the afternoon, there was a robust selection of live entertainment, with DJ sets and performances by Claptone, Miami Horror, Tube & Berger, Slow Hands, Tortured Soul and more.

As we danced to the music, we searched for the perfect spot to settle down. Finding a picnic blanket was difficult, but this was only because the Pinknic team had laid out all of them in advance, they were first-come-first-serve, and some guests were using up to 4 at once. After a bit of searching, we managed to find a comfy private loveseat and dug into our meal and rosé. The afternoon was a dream. It was the perfect afternoon on Governor’s Island. Don’t miss next year’s event. You’re sure to have a great time! 

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