A Unique Cycling Festival in Taiwan You Can’t Miss

November 13, 2017 | Sarah


When it comes to scenic and competitive cycling, there is no better place to experience the sport at it’s finest then in Taiwan at it’s annual Cycling Festival. This festival has it all, from events for professionals to beginners. Everyone is welcome to join in on the cycling fun.

Whether you attend the festival or not, biking in Taiwan is ideal for a cyclist of any skill level. Those who want a challenge can peddle up the mountains and cycle one of the cross-island roads. On the other hand, those who want to take it a little easier can stick to biking the quiet roads of Taiwan’s east coast. There are so many choices for bike touring in Taiwan.

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In addition to diversity of trail skill level, Taiwan also has some of the most beautiful bike trails in the world. The Sun Moon Lake Bicycle Trail has been chosen by CNN-Go as one of the ten most gorgeous on earth and is famous for its unique natural environment, rich aboriginal cultures, well-preserved natural ecosystem, and famous cultural attractions. A few of the sites bikers will see along the trail are the Wenwu Temple, Xuanguang Temple, and Xuanzang Temple. Although the total length of the bike trail is only 30 km, its steep hills make it a fun challenge on every biker’s bucket list.

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One of the reasons, Taiwan is special for cycling is because it has a 968-kilometer round-Taiwan bike network with 122 rest stops spread along the route to facilitate hassle-free biking across the nation. Twelve in-place paths, and connections to railways and provincial highways further complement the cycling network. This works together to make biking throughout Taiwan simple logistically. Expounding on its clear directions and accessible amenities, cyclists can easily complete a round-island tour of 1,200 kilometers in nine days. It is truly a cyclist’s paradise.

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If you do attend the festival, one of the most exciting parts is the competitive Taiwan KOM Challenge. Here participants will climb from altitude zero at Qixingtan in Hualien to 3,275 meters at Hehuan Mountain; the route includes a great variety of amazing scenery, making this a unique extreme cycling challenge. Starting at pristine Qixingtan beach with its blue waters, the bikers make their way up winding mountain roads with panoramic vistas. It’s truly an adventure any explorer would dream of. Finally, cyclists arrive at Hualien mountain and are greeted with an unbelievable view of the coast of beautiful Taiwan.

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The festival caters to beginner or amateur bikers as well. The second main activity, “Formosa 900,” invites all cycling groups to join a cycling marathon; no matter the types of bicycles they ride. It’s a great way to meet fellow adventurers and bikers.

Cycling, Xueshan, Nantou.jpg

Are you a true beginner? No worries! You can take part in the Sun Moon Lake Come! Bikeday. This is a bike day tour where you need to ride only about 30 km in a day. It’s the perfect event for those that love active adventure but desire shorter trips. Great for a quick bike ride and time to explore beautiful Taiwan!

Whether or not you attend the Taiwan Cycling Festival, the country is worth exploring by bike. A few of the incredible stops and experiences you should expect while peddling through Taiwan include:

1.     A dip in one of Taiwan’s many hot springs.

2.     A visit to picturesque Sun Moon Lake – nestled at 762 m in the hills of Nantou County.

3.     A ride through Takoro Gorge – one of Asia’s most iconic cycling roads.

4.     A food-fest worthy of a hungry cyclist at any of Taiwan’s numerous night markets.

Whether you’re a cycling professional or simply an enthusiast, the biking through Taiwan is an experience that should be on everyone’s bucket list. To learn more information about the Taiwan Cycling Festival visit taiwanbike.tw and official website of Taiwan Tourism Bureau eng.taiwan.net.tw. 

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