Game of Thrones Things to do in NYC

May 30, 2019 | Stefanie DiMartino




Together we peered into a rundown 1800’s graveyard in search for a clue. It was a dark autumn evening with Halloween’s spooky chill in the air. The gravestones were hopelessly shifted from years of ware and battling the elements. All of a sudden I hear Luis shout “There it is! I think that’s the clue we’re looking for!”. I grabbed my iPhones light and flashed it at the plaque on the brickwall. There it was! The clue we needed. Swiftly, i scribbled down the clue and off we went in search for the end of this mad scavenger hunt.

This wasn’t your average night in the city. It was an evening with Watson Adventures, a company that creates incredibly thought out and professional scavenger hunts. Their Ghosts of Greenwich Village hunt is the perfect challenge for fans of scary movies. Armed with only a flashlight, over the course of the 2 hour hunt we visited ghost-plagued buildings and secret cemeteries while learning the stories of the restless souls. 

Once we were briefed on rules, we headed out into the cool dark night determined to get as many points as possible and become the victors of the evening. With every step of the way and every clue we were given came even more questions; Are we in the right place? Did we interpret the background and story correctly? How can we trick other teams into going the wrong way? Interestingly enough, this is a valid strategy; get other teams lost.

After two hours of scrambling by haunted apartments, historic locations of murder, creepy cemeteries and eerie cathedrals we finished the hunt feeling confident that we would place in the top three teams. Holding our breaths, the Watson Adventures leader announced the team’s starting from “those who had the most fun” (aka a joyous way to say “last place”). Last time we did the hunt, we finished in third to last place and were hoping for an upgrade. Finally our team name was called and we can in fourth place! A significant improvement from last time! 

Watson’s Adventures is no challenge for the weak at heart. They are located in most major US cities, and in New York City alone they offer more than 50 different hunts. You’re sure to find one that is perfect for you.

Do you think you can handle it?

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