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August 21, 2019 | DANIELLE DESIR


Once a month, New York Wine Events invites wine newbies and oenophiles to Some Good Wine Shop in Greenwich Village for a one of a kind wine experience. “Around the World in 12 Wines” is a wine and cheese tasting class where attendees sample 12 bottles of wine (6 white and 6 red varietals) and artisanal cheeses. 

Entering the shop, I was greeted by the sweet smell of wine right at door. With exposed brick and hardwood floors, the shop was warm and bright. There were colorful abstract paintings and comic book animations around the space. Upon entry New York Wine Events founder Sam Kimball immediately welcomed me into the shop to begin the unique wine tasting class.

Before the event started, I sampled “Szigeti”, a refreshing Austrian sparkling wine, and the ruby red “Alanera” which would go great with a sea bass fillet sautéed in Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Last but not least, I adored the delicious “New York Honey Whiskey”. Handcrafted with local rye and infused with honey produced in the Northwest Catskill Mountains, this was a memorable start to my first wine tasting class. 

Our very knowledgeable instructor Rachel started off the evening with a glass of white wine which transported our small group to the Loire Valley in central France. We discovered the subtle tastes of mineral and crushed seashells, and we discussed the reductive processes to making wine. Winemaking is undoubtedly a science. We ended our first wine discussion with an insightful food pairing recommendation of creamy pasta topped with juicy oysters.

Between every tasting, the room was buzzing with enthusiastic conversation about the wine and cheese by Saxelby Cheesemongers. Guests shared wine recommendations and a lot of positive commentary about the selection we tasted so far.

By the third tasting, our glass of chardonnay transported us to Burgundy, France. It was here that we learned the four simple things to do when tasting a wine for the first time. This included noting the color, smell and temperature, swishing around the glass (which releases the aroma) and lastly enjoying the experience. 

Since this was my first wine tasting, getting a rundown of what to do and look for was helpful. This set the tone for my wine experience and I know that I’ll use these handy tips in the future. 

One thing I learned from this tasting is that it will take lots of practice for me to learn how to distinguish the subtle flavors in wine like pepper, lava, black sand, chocolate, cherries, vanilla and so much more.

“Around the World in 12 Wines” was an intimate wine experience that elegantly packed twelve wines from Spain, Czech Republic, Italy and California in a two-hour class. We explored each region’s characteristic, subtle flavors, the wine making process and the best foods to pair them with. My favorite was the 2014 Juan Matias Negramoll from the Canary Islands. It had unique flavors of pepper that weren’t present in other wines.

This event is great for couples and friends who are looking for a fun and intimate night out in New York City. You’ll walk away with a deeper appreciation and understanding for wine. You can also enjoy a 10% discount to bring your favorite bottles home, allowing you to relive your wine adventures well after the class is over. 

Danielle was a guest of the New York Wine Events team but her opinions are her own. 

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