Top Cities New Yorkers Are Moving to

November 26, 2022 | Sarah Funky

Although New York is amazing, an increasing number of people are moving out of it. The reality is that job opportunities are fewer than before. This, combined with a high cost of living, makes NYC an unsuitable location for many. Furthermore, the New York City lifestyle isn’t for everyone. It is always busy, loud, and filled with crowds. Living in a place like this can be exciting, especially when you are young. However, it can become a little too much after a while. Luckily, there are many great places you can relocate to and call your new home. These five cities New Yorkers are moving to offer a great lifestyle you will surely be happy with.

1. Austin, TX

If you love the New York lifestyle but are still looking for a little piece of quiet, Austin is the right choice for you. This fantastic city has everything you will ever need or want. Austin’s nightlife scene does not disappoint, and there are numerous events throughout the year. At the same time, there are many suburban neighborhoods you can relocate to. And this is why the city is favored year after year. 

In Austin, you get the best of both worlds. You get both the suburban feel of a small town and the urban lifestyle of a big one. Austin is known for having a great art scene, with many artists choosing Austin to be their new home. Another pro of moving to Austin after New York is that the public transportation system is just as good.

2. Miami, FL

Miami is a busy city, just as much as NYC. Living in Miami is expensive; however, it is still more affordable than in New York City. Because of this, it is one of the most popular cities New Yorkers are moving to. If you dislike the New York weather, this is the right new city for you! The weather is always warm, making it the perfect place for you if you love the summer. You can enjoy your summer days on some of the best beaches in the entire world. 

Along with this weather comes the opportunity to practice water sports throughout the year. There’s also no shortage of museums and landmarks you can visit. As for nightlife, Miami is famous for having one of the best and most fun nightlife scenes. This location is worth considering, with a great nightlife scene, many open spaces, and amazing beaches.

A view of the beach.
Miami can be your new home.

3. Seattle, WA

One of the cons of living in New York City is the lack of career opportunities. On the other hand, Seattle is a fantastic choice and offers many opportunities to advance in your career. Year after year, more people choose Seattle as their new home. This comes as no surprise, as Seattle is safe, has excellent healthcare, and a good standard of living. 

Another pro is that it has many amenities and activities you can take part in. This is why Seattle is also a popular choice for tourists. With so many things to do and to see, you’ll find new friends in no time. If you prefer the cold weather, you will love being in Seattle.

4. Philadelphia, PA

With a low cost of living and excellent public transportation, Philadelphia is a good choice for any New Yorker. You’ll be able to walk and bike anywhere you want to go. Furthermore, it has many green spaces and parks. You’ll easily find a new favorite spot to spend time outside. This historic city has many great opportunities for higher education, too. It is a good choice both for single people and for families with kids. 

Anyone who loves nature will find many things to do, such as visiting the local zoo and the aquarium. The community is amazing, and there are many events hosted annually. Because it is a historic city, tourists love visiting Philadelphia, too. If you love history, this is the right place for you to relocate to. In Philadelphia, there are many beautiful and famous museums you can visit.

An image of Philadelphia, one of the cities New Yorkers are moving to more than ever.
Philadelphia is an excellent choice if you prefer colder weather.

5. Los Angeles, CA

Los Angeles is, without a doubt, one of the best options for New Yorkers. This phenomenal city will never leave you bored. With great nightclubs and a fantastic food scene, you’ll always have somewhere to go out. The weather is great, and you’ll always be able to spend time at the beach. 

There are many parks and open spaces you can spend time in. The art and music scene alone makes this a fantastic place to live. But the most famous industry in Los Angeles is the movie industry. Many movie stars and famous people chose Los Angeles as their home. Therefore, as for overall job opportunities, Los Angeles has plenty of them. All in all, Los Angeles is expensive, but no other city like this one exists.

Moving out of NYC

The moving process can be complex, especially if you are moving out of NYC. Choosing to do it yourself will take a lot of money, time, and coordination. In the end, it can end up costing more than hiring professional movers. So when choosing movers, you need to do extensive research before you make a final choice. 

As there are many scammers today, you want to make sure you are choosing verified movers to help you move. When you team up with the best ones, you ensure that your move will go smoothly and without any problems. Moving is an important and complex process that you can significantly simplify with the help of professionals.

A couple packing for the move.
Cities New Yorkers are moving to offer a great lifestyle to all its residents.

Final Thoughts

Moving out of a city as unique as NYC means having big expectations for the next city you are relocating to, as New York City offers so many different things to do and see. You won’t regret choosing any of these fantastic cities New Yorkers are moving to, whichever one you opt for. All these cities have one thing in common: the lifestyle and quality of life they offer are outstanding. It all comes down to picking a city with all the amenities and weather you love most. As a former New Yorker, you will surely find living in one of these cities to be just as great or even better.

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  1. Justin moore says:

    I find New York rather boring. I don’t have a car but you have to find parking for everything as they don’t have shopping centers like texas. I found a grocery store I like and I guess it takes time but I wish I could move somewhere else.

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