Best Food Markets in Malta

May 19, 2023 | Sarah Funky

Malta has a rich history of cuisine that has come from an amalgamation of various cultures through the years. Today, you can dive into an eclectic and unforgettable culinary adventure that blends the best influences from Mediterranean, Arab, Sicilian, and British delights.

Considering how beautiful Malta is, what better way to explore the cuisine than by going to one of its amazing food markets? It’s always great when you get to visit ‘Travel Destinations That Are Unexpectedly Brilliant for Foodies’ and the various markets you can find across the island really connect you with fresh, traditional food made exactly how the locals like it. Check out the best ones you can’t miss.

Marsaxlokk Market

The Marsaxlokk market is popular for a reason. Featured in a guide to Malta’s food markets by Love Holidays, this space is popular for its grand variety of fresh seafood, wine, and fruit jams. Although it also has some cool clothing finds, you really have to drop by for the fish.

With so many seafood staples, the standout is the Lampuki fish. It’s used in all manner of traditional Maltese favorites like

Lampuki pie. Because of the market’s popularity, it’s very tourist-friendly. That said, this also means it’s best to drop by early so you don’t miss out on the best offers. Things can run out very quickly on weekends.

Birgu Market

The Birgu Market is quite a rare gem considering it only opens every Tuesday. The weekly street market is held outdoors, so it’s best to wear comfortable and breezy clothing when checking out all the great bargains.

Although the star of the show here is often the multitude of clothing stalls, the food you can find here is simply worth making sure you add a visit to the itinerary on your Tuesday. Produce, seasonal fruits, grains, nuts, and various food trucks with local dishes can be found here on any given week.

Ta’ Qali Farmers Market

If you want fresh and local, look no further than the Ta ‘Qali Farmers Market. This market specializes in food products that are sourced locally and direct from farmers, fishermen, bakers, and other tradesfolk.

You can get baked goods, honey, vegetables, herbs, fruits, and other farm products that line the market in the most colorful and decadent way. Maltese bread is definitely something you need to experience fresh, and recent overproduction means that you can get fresh milk from Maltese farmers for lower prices

Is-Suq Tal-Belt

Credit: @suqtalbelt on Instagram

If you’re in the mood to try out a rich variety of cuisines the Maltese way, you’ll want to visit Is-Suq Tal-Belt. The Valletta food market is a three-floor indoor experience that is both a fun culinary trip and an aesthetic treat. Fine wines, delicatessens, and delectable selections of meat and fruits are in plentiful supply here among other things.

Should you want cooked dishes that are ready to go, you’ll be glad to hear that there are many restaurants and stalls worth checking out. They even offer some great cocktails that go perfectly with their tasty treats. This market has everything from local dishes to spaces that offer Mexican, Filipino, Italian, American, and all manner of cuisines.

You can try something new every time you visit, making it great for extended stays. It’s not too intimidating, and Cleveland Clinic even notes that trying new food regularly can improve your metabolism and help you live longer!

Rabat Market

Credit: @roberto.galiza on Instagram

The Rabat Sunday market is the perfect way to end your weekend. There are tons of quaint and cozy cafes nearby, but the market itself also has its fair share of food you’ll want to check out. It’s an open space that is also very family-friendly, so travelers with children can explore the market with ease.

Bringing the family to tag along can be nice, especially considering how studies from Psychreg show the positive impact of travel and immersion on children’s development. The prices at the market are very reasonable. The most popular food items to try are the sandwiches, which are packed with amazing flavors regardless of what variant you try.

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