The Top 5 World Winter Destinations That Will Blow Your Mind

October 19, 2020 | Sarah Funky
Northern lights in Norway.

With winter fast-approaching, you can’t afford to miss having an exciting destination to visit. The season often has many guises, and it’s never all sad and gloom. In this guide I’ll share the top 5 world winter destinations that will blow your mind.


You can never go wrong with an exquisite luxurious holiday packed with a wondrous adventure. Visiting Alaska is a chance to get a vacation with a difference, which is why I added it to the top 5 world winter destinations list. If you are a snowmobile adrenaline enthusiast, you are just in luck. Here’s a destination that enables you to enjoy ancient transport means of dog-sledding. You also have the chance to go heli-skiing, husky racing as well as ice climbing, and so much more. Get an opportunity to savor the icy landscapes and the breathtaking Mountain View, all while getting a taste of the local culture!

Alaska dog sledding
Alaska dog sledding


While planning to travel around the world, you can’t miss touring Moscow. Here’s one of the most crucial and arguably the most beautiful cities worth a vacation time. You can book the Russian train online and enjoy a tour like never before. The modernization of the town will take you in awe. It’s a fun and clean city to walk in, all while taking memorable photos. The city is full of incredible theatres, museums, shops, and multi-cultural restaurants that you will enjoy dining in them. It’s a chance to watch the beautiful architecture, artwork all while appreciating the city’s history.

Moscow, Russia
Moscow, Russia. Photo by Lubov Tandit from Pexels

Norway – Top World Winter Destination!

It’s time you captured the northern lights in Tromso in its wondrous awe. Norway is an absolute must-visit on my top 5 world winter destinations list. Here’s a great highlight of the north Norway destination. You can also check out the Norway travel packages to see what lies in store for you. That’s not all; you can also check out nature collide while savoring the area’s culture. There are great wintery activities worth taking part in, such as ice-climbing, kayaking, and much more.

Northern lights in Norway.
Northern lights in Norway. Photo by stein egil liland from Pexels

Byron Bay, Australia

If you need to escape with wintertime in the northern hemisphere, you need to get it right. Your winter need not go to waste as you can plan for a trip to the Byron Bay in Australia. It’s an opportunity to enjoy walks in the sun while enjoying the cold wave breeze. Also, enjoy the local cuisines that are worth every bite.

Photo by Spencer Davis from Pexels


There’s more to winter sports than participating in snowboarding and skiing. It’s time to go a notch higher and try ice-fishing. You can make your way to the Baltics and enjoy picturesque landscapes. However, you ought to know that the temperatures are often below freezing point, and the chance to catch fish is rife. Don’t lose hope just yet! You can make your way to the Kisezer and Latvia’s Jugla lakes that are quite popular among locals. You can also tour Lake Peipsi in Estonia to catch the trout and salmon.

Photo by Valdemaras D. from Pexels

The world is very intriguing and I hope that this top 5 world winter destinations list inspires you to plan a snowy trip! Get yourself ready to enjoy the most breathtaking scenery by choosing the ideal Norway travel packages. You can also travel to culturally rich destinations by booking a Russian train to savor each moment. It’s a beautiful chance to rediscover who you are as you get to appreciate the world around you.

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