Reasons To Go On An Iceland Cruise

August 26, 2023 | Sarah Funky

A trip to Iceland offers loads of adventure, ancient legend, and intriguing lore, not to mention magnificent natural scenery. Little wonder then that so many people dream of visiting her ancient shores. But there are several good reasons to go on an Iceland cruise instead of a more conventional land-based trip. 

Find out what the top 5 reasons for an Iceland cruise are in the guide below.

The Thrill Of Sea Exploration

Over the centuries, poems, songs, and epic tales have been inspired by the beauty and awesome force of nature that is the sea. That’s why a cruise is not only one of the most convenient but also one of the most exciting ways to visit Greenland or Iceland

You’ll experience the thrill of visiting foreign lands from the sea. Just like the ancient explorers did so long ago. You get a whole different perspective on Iceland from the sea than on land. It’s quite simply the perfect way to capture stunning images to remember your trip.

A cruise also offers visitors the opportunity to view all the natural features of the Icelandic coastline that you may not easily access while trekking on land. Iceland’s gorgeous rugged coastline stretches for more than 3000 miles, with numerous smaller islands along the way. 

Lots Of Kid-Friendly Activities

One of the best ways to ensure stress-free travel with kids is to keep them entertained. It means you’ll enjoy your family vacation and get a much-needed break from your daily routine. That’s the great thing about cruises, they usually include lots of kid-friendly activities, too. 

Kids from all cultures love to hear tales of adventure and exploration. The qualified guides on an Icelandic cruise will be able to share knowledge about the local Inuit and ancient Viking culture. This will keep kids of all ages enthralled (and most of the adults. too!) 

There’s not only fun but also an educational aspect to going on an Iceland cruise. Kids and adults alike will learn more about the local wildlife from a safe distance. The Arctic owl is an excellent example, as it’s often spotted more than 300 miles off the coast of Iceland!

Everything Planned Ahead Of Time

While traveling to distant shores is always exhilarating, there’s always a lot of planning involved. No matter where in the world you go, you need to arrange transportation, accommodation, meal allowances, and itineraries. 

This can become quite expensive and proves to be even more challenging when you don’t speak the local language. But with an Icelandic cruise, that’s all taken care of. So you don’t have to stress about how or where things will happen. You just board the ship and prepare to be amazed.

Your transport and accommodation? That’s sorted. You’ll know ahead of time what the costs are, and what excursions are available. Your main meals are taken care of on the ship, usually catering to Western tastes, or those too hesitant to try the local cuisine. 

Suitable For Less Active Family Members

What could be better than going on a family adventure, with several generations all together having fun? An Iceland cruise is also the ideal solution for taking the whole family on holiday, regardless of their age or mobility issues. It’s the perfect way to include everyone -young and old – in an Icelandic trip. 

On a cruise ship with all the necessary amenities, you’ll explore Iceland confident that they’re safe and sound. The older or less physically agile members of the family may have to sit out the excursions ashore. But you don’t have to stress that they are missing out on any fun. 

They’ll get to enjoy the fresh sea air and beautiful views of humpback whales and glaciers. So they’ll still soak up the spectacular views that can be found only on a cruise within the greater Arctic Circle. And your family will create beautiful memories together, that will last a lifetime. 

Comfortable Accommodations Are Assured

Iceland is indeed a beautiful destination, and certainly one for the bucket list. It has become quite a popular tourist destination in recent years. But many visitors complain about the high prices of accommodation and meals. 

An Icelandic cruise offers you an affordable combo of life-changing thrills with convenience. There’s no need to worry about any tourist trap hotels or inflated local prices. At the end of a long day of exploring, you can escape the cold and eat and sleep in comfortable surroundings.

Go trekking across unspoiled landscapes, see the local wildlife like the Arctic fox in their natural habitat, and view the famous Northern Lights. Iceland is one of the top places, after Greenland, to view this natural marvel. Then return to the comfort and convenience of onboard meals and accommodation.

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