6 Fun Alternatives to Staying in a Hotel on Your Travels

December 31, 2020 | Sarah Funky

A huge part of your vacation is spent sleeping inside the accommodation you booked. Usually, we try to find the cheapest deals for hotels online and most of the time, we like the rooms we get. Then in some cases, we’re gravely disappointed with the quality of service that we get even from top-notch hotels.

You’re not always limited to booking rooms at hotels though. There are a lot of ways you can spend the night when out on a trip and most of these are fun experiences waiting to happen. In some cases, these lodging options might even be more fun than the actual trip itself. And you can compare unique accommodation on a single site by visiting cozycozy.com. Take a look at these 6 fun alternatives to staying in a hotel.

1. Capsule Hotels

Capsule hotels are not your usual hotel rooms. These are small compact hotels that fit only one person at a time. You’ll usually find these special hotel rooms in Japan but they are beginning to pop up in other parts of the world as well. If you find a capsule hotel in your next destination, it’s worth your money.

This type of hotel better suits you if you are on a budget. They are several dollars cheaper than your average hotel room. Though small, these hotels are cozy and they have everything you need including a charger port, a mini TV, and a place to store your belongings.

2. Camper/Trailer

A lot of people are opting to bring campers and trailers during their trips now. It’s a more convenient and fun option that allows them to explore the great outdoors easily. This special vehicle is equipped with the sleeping and cooking amenities that you might need on your trip so you don’t have to worry about these anymore.

This may sound like an expensive deal at first. Why wouldn’t it be? You’re renting an entire vehicle. However, renting a travel trailer has become more affordable now because of the awesome deals that some companies are offering. You also have to consider that aside from a sleeping area, a trailer and camper also gives you a vehicle to explore with which makes it an even better choice.

What’s great is that many companies offer to rent these vehicles wherever you are. Let’s say you visit another state. All you have to do is book your trailer or camper ahead of your arrival date and it will be waiting for you once you get there. It’s convenient, more economical, and it’s also more fun at that.

Due to its functionality, campers are becoming a better option for travelers nowadays. It’s convenient having everything you need in the vehicle you use for traveling. These vehicles can be rented by the day so you can determine just how long you’ll rent one to save money.

3. AirBnBs

While other companies struggled during the pandemic, AirBnB flourished. As per Entrepreneur, the company is now worth over $100 billion, surpassing the value of top hotels and Uber as well. It’s worth noting that the company’s IPO just launched a few days ago. What’s great about AirBnBs is that you can find unique packages on the platform.

The platform doesn’t only offer rooms by warm hosts. It also offers unique lodging experiences from various parts of the world. You can even rent an island through AirBnB! If you look well enough, you can find an AirBnB that’s very unique from your usual hotel room.

If you’re lucky enough, you’ll find amazing deals inside AirBnB. These deals entitle you to just about anything, from meals to guided trips around the area. At hotels, you’ll have to pay extra for these features. It’s a plus if the host you booked a room for is extra nice and generous as well!

4. Glamping

Glamping is a mix of the words camping and glamour. As the name suggests, this form of camping is extravagant, to say the least. Instead of being outdoors, glamping is all about camping in open areas that have been designed and tailored for resting. Most glamping areas give you a view of the stars at night.

Like hotels, glamping areas also come with service. You can order food and have it delivered to your tent. It’s perfect for those that want to experience what camping is like without the hassle of setting up tents and learning survival skills for the wild.

Most glamping sites are near beaches as well so you can take a dip before resting easily. It’s perfect for couples who are out on a trip.

5. Home Rentals

If you are traveling in a large group, then a hotel stay shouldn’t be one of your choices. It will cost you a lot more as most hotel rooms can accommodate up to 6 people only. If your group goes beyond that, you’ll have to pay for extra beds and worse, an extra room. As such, this isn’t the right way to sleep for massive traveling groups.

To save money and to make the accommodation more affordable, you should consider home rentals.

As the name suggests, these are rentals that allow you to reside in a house all for yourself (check out the Solterra Resort in Orlando, for example). This means all amenities such as the kitchen, bathrooms, and all of the bedrooms are readily available for use.

6. Quirky Hostels

What’s great about hostels is that they often come with quirks that you’ll see elsewhere. Some hostels even offer scary vibes if you’re into that horror appeal. Hostels are comfortable sleeping places that don’t take a huge chunk out of your budget. Some states and countries have popular hostels readily available for you to check-in at.

A lot of these hostels offer memorable experiences that you won’t find elsewhere. As such, we highly recommend checking these out if you have the chance.

Traveling doesn’t always have to be expensive. Hotels are becoming pricier by the year and you might think it’s not worth spending hundreds of dollars for a night’s stay at a hotel. Luckily, there are now many available alternatives that you can try to make the lodging more comfortable and affordable.

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