Santiago Rooftops: Exploring The Best Views of The City

April 30, 2019 | João Santos

Viewing the beautiful scenery from above ground offers you the best viewing experience that you can’t imagine from any other angle. You can enjoy the amazing experience and view the most beautiful metropolitan city scenery from the rooftops of Santiago, Chile all at the same time. The city offers a spectacular view where you can have a glimpse of the most beautiful sensations while moving from one rooftop to another either through a walking tour or any other means of excursion. Here are some of the favorite spots to have a clear view of Santiago.


San Cristóbal offers a natural rooftop where you can reach the top and get the chance to view the most beautiful Santiago scenery including the famous Mary statue. It is also one of the most popular tourist spots in Santiago where you can view the entire skyline and the beauty of the city from the top spot. You can decide to go for a walking tour and hike towards climbing to the top where there is always long queues of people aiming to reach the top over the weekends. You can also decide to hike and pick a more accessible route if you have a group of enthusiast friends who want to get to the top and experience the most spectacular view of the city skyline.


Another brilliant rooftop where you can experience a spectacular view of the city skyline is securing yourself a position in the NOI Hotel. You can take your favorite cocktail while having an incredible view of the underlying beauty of the city where you can’t get enough of the most desirable places you have seen during the day. The Terrace and the Tramonto Bar located at the top offers services throughout the year where you can visit any time and enjoy the experience.


The W Hotel adds to the list of the best hotels that offer the best view of the city skyline from the rooftop. It is one of the best rooftops where you can take your favorite drink while getting a spectacular view of the El Golf metro station which is located just beside the hotel. It is a brilliant place where you can get up there and enjoy the view with your buddies or have a nice time with your family while taking your favorite cocktail.


Why miss the newly constructed rooftop for a glamorous view of the city? Visit the Sky Costanera and buy yourself the elevator ticket that will take you up where you can view the city within different angles. It is an experience you can’t afford to miss where you can stay up there for as long as you want as you can’t get enough of the amazing skyline and beautiful scenery from way above the ground. You can choose your favorite moments from the day, sunset or during the night where each session offers a unique view.


Cerro Calan offers the best view of the city and its environment from the top of the roof which is specifically designed to provide you with the best view. It is the best route where you can drive in your car to Las Condes and you will notice that the best times to climb up there for the best viewing experience that will live to occupy your mind more than any dream.


Whenever you want to enjoy your delicious dinner in Santiago in the of rooftop hotels with a spectacular view of the city, then you can always head to the Azotea Matilde. It is the place where you can taste all the favorite and delicious Santiago dishes and the best drinks while relaxing up there with your family or buddies having a look at the beautiful city skyline. The atmosphere is gorgeous where you can only live to enjoy and feel to come back again. 

Photo by Jorge Mülchi Cossio on Unsplash


Whenever you feel to have a beautiful scenery of the most spectacular view of Santiago skyline and beautiful environs, then you can always have a look at each from each of the spots mentioned above or choose your favorite spot. It doesn’t cost you a lot as long as you have entered Santiago. You can decide to access the places by taking a free walking tour in Santiago to each of the rooftops closer to you where you can stretch yourself and enjoy the maximum. It’s a great city with the most fantastic skyline and surrounding beautiful environment where you will have one of the most unforgettable moments.

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