A Beautiful NYC Countryside Cottage Penthouse on a skyscraper

September 17, 2020 | Sarah Funky

In this week’s episode of New York’s most unique apartments, I bring you to a beautiful NYC countryside cottage penthouse on a skyscraper. This unit is unlike 99.9% of homes in the city because it feels as though you’ve left the big apple and traveled to Paris.

The living room area and open kitchen.
The living room area and open kitchen. Photo by Triplemint

Take a look at the photos and video of this stellar home below and if you’re interested in touring it in person, you can contact the real estate agents in charge of the listing; Jed Lewin and John Antretter from Triplemint.

For details on the purchasing price and amenities, click the button above. Many of you asked me why I don’t include the price in my article or video. This is because the price can change and once I say it in a video I cannot update it.

Watch the NYC Countryside Cottage Penthouse tour on YouTube!

Where is the beautiful cottage penthouse located?

This unique cottage penthouse is located on 95th street between 5th Avenue and Madison Avenue. It is in Carnegie Hill, a neighborhood in the Upper East Side that has been designated as a historic district since 1974.

The wraparound terrace.
The wraparound terrace. Photo by Triplemint

Carnegie Hill is named after the mansion that Andrew Carnegie built here in 1901. Andrew Carnegie amassed a fortune in iron, coal, steel, and steamship and railroad lines in the late 1800s. It is estimated that his net worth in today’s dollars would have been $372 billion! He is known to be the richest American of all time.

Andrew Carnegie
Andrew Carnegie

Today his mansion houses the Cooper Hewitt Smithsonian Design Museum. Speaking of museums, Carnegie Hill is known for its proximity to museum mile, which has more museums than any other part of the city – several of which are located in old mansions – which make this area more charming architecturally than many parts of Manhattan. The penthouse we’re touring today is located right next to Central Park, walking distance from the Metropolitan Museum of Art, The Guggenheim Museum, the Jackie Kennedy Onassis Reservoir, and surrounded by several lovely cafes, and restaurants.


NYC Countryside Cottage Penthouse Tour

Its beautiful open kitchen

One thing that stood out to me about this beautiful NYC countryside cottage penthouse was its open kitchen. The exposed beams and interior design (everything is for sale) virtually transport you to Paris. The open chef’s kitchen was the longtime domain of one of New York’s iconic food pioneers, and eagerly awaits the next dinner host extraordinaire.

The open kitchen with exposed wooden beams.
The open kitchen with exposed wooden beams. Photo by Triplemint
Kitchen. Photo by Luis Yanes

The living room is perfect for relaxing or entertaining!

The living room extends out from the open kitchen and is beautifully decorated with antiques from another time and place. I could imagine myself reading a book, painting, or entertaining guests. The lush greenery from the wrap-around terrace peaks through the windows hinting at more to come in this unique space.

A Parisian bathroom

Next up we have the adorable bathroom. It’s decor brings about Paris vibes, as does its lovely wooden shutters. It has a bathtub and a removable shower handheld shower head.

The Parisian inspired bathroom.
The Parisian inspired bathroom. Photo by Triplemint

The master bedroom in the countryside cottage penthouse

The spacious king-sized bedroom is perfectly situated to enjoy the morning sun rising over brownstone rooftops. It has amble space for bookcases, dressers, and chairs. However, the best part is the french doors that lead out to the wrap-around terrace!

The master bedroom of the penthouse.
The master bedroom of the penthouse. Photo by Triplemint

The massive wrap-around terrace on top of a skyscraper

Finally, we have come to the grand finale! it is the massive wrap-around terrace that is about as big as the entire penthouse interior. This lovely rooftop garden is fully landscaped and has outdoor plumbing. That way it is easier to keep all your flowers blooming all year long. You can enjoy coffee with every sunrise and cocktails every evening as the sun sets over an unobstructed view of Central Park.

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