Summer Traditions: Campfires, S’mores & Jam

September 16, 2018 | Sarah

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Every summer my husband Luis and I plan a trip. The first year it was to Iceland, next to Greece, then to Vietnam. This year was no different. With summer coming to a close I knew we had to plan something fun to keep the tradition going. This year to complete our summer bucket list we went to Park City, Utah and stayed in a renovated 1891 schoolhouse turned hotel called the Washington School House Hotel. This property was built during the height of the silver rush and now features twelve luxurious multilevel suites and an outdoor heated pool deck. 

Outfit by W by Worth
Outfit by W by Worth

Traditionally Park City is known as an alpine oasis and is mainly visited in the winter season because of its ample ski slopes. However, there is plenty to do there yearlong. In the warmer months, the once snow covered mountains are home to bike trails, hiking and zip-lines. There is also a 10,000-year-old Homestead crater twenty minutes outside of town that you can do stand-up paddle board yoga in. To read more about that experience and see my full guide to Park City, click here.


With every trip there are some nights that are stand out from the rest. As an avid traveler I’ve learned that it comes down to a few simple ingredients to have a perfect evening: good conversation and great wine. Not knowing where the night was going to take us but ready to relax, Luis and I brought two bottles of Butter and JaM Cabernet from our room to the outdoor heated pool deck.

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Our original plan was to sip on the JaM Butter chardonnay and enjoy the hot tub then go back to our room. The wine was rich, bold and luscious. It had butter brims with stone fruit and baked-lemon notes that create a lovely vanilla finish. It was so tasty that we ended up staying longer than we expected. After some time another couple that was staying at the hotel came outside to the pool area and we started chatting with them. Eventually offering them both a glass of Butter chardonnay

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We got out of the hot tub, quickly changed and then joined them in the plush lounging chairs. Next thing you know an hour has passed we are deep in conversation about vacationing in Park City, our family and the current news. We were enjoying the wine so much that we finished the bottle and popped opened the JaM Cabernet. This one was definitely my favorite. It had notes of blackberries, black plums, black currant, and cassis with a lingering touch of vanilla that is created by blending the fruit notes with oak.

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Outfit by W by Worth
Outfit by W by Worth

One of the things I loved most about this night was the spontaneity of it all. Once it started getting dark, I realized that we were sitting around an unlit fireplace and thought, “This would be a great time for s’mores!” The other couple agreed and we called the front desk to have them send up their famous gourmet s’mores with homemade graham crackers and spreads. 

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As we enjoyed our s’mores and the JaM Cabernet the stars began to emerge in the sky. Coming from New York City I’m not used to seeing many stars in the sky. In Park City the night glittered. It was absolutely stunning! It was the perfect way to check off my summer bucket list travel goals; a night of beauty with good people and great JaM wine.  

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