From NYC To Canada: Best Activities for Students on the “Empire State Trail”

January 31, 2021 | Sarah Funky

Activities Along the Empire State Trail Main

When it comes to US trails, there is nothing like the Empire State Trail, a multi-use trail that runs an impressive 750 miles! In 2017, Governor Cuomo launched this project as a way to promote outdoor recreation and to boost tourism while supporting local communities. This project is finally complete, allowing travel from NY to Canada. Offering various off-road trails, this location has become a major attraction for cyclists, runners, hikers, and even cross country skiers. This impressive trail connects 20 different trails that create the longest statewide route spanning through New York right to Canada.

There is no other trail like this in the entire country and it is a great opportunity for students to take part in various activities along the way. With a chance to experience the natural beauty of New York and a taste of history, students will find this trail to be packed with adventure and can enjoy three main routes.

Students who have history projects or other educational assignments will benefit from everything the trail has to offer. This is the perfect chance to discover all NYC and when it is time to order dissertation writing help, students will have a boatload of experiences to share in a paper. Using a trusted writing service can help students organize papers and they can draw upon their experiences while traveling this 750-mile expanse.

Check out three main routes and see what amazing activities can be enjoyed, all offering a super learning experience while taking in the sights of some of the most stunning parts of NY.

Hudson River Valley Greenway

What better way to spend time with your friend in NYC than by enjoying the sights as you take off for an amazing hiking, running, or cycling experience on the Greenway? This is an expansive section of this 750-mile trail and runs from NYC to Albany. There are a number of small routes that can be explored along the way, including a popular destination of the North County Trailway in Westchester and Hudson River Greenway.

The Electric Trail from Albany to Hudson is a great portion, offering history buffs a super chance to follow a historic route where an electric trolley ran from 1900 through 1929. Here, there is a combination of off and on-road paths and marked trails that run for 36 miles.

Upon completing this stretch of the trail, you will be near Battery Park and will pass the 9/11 memorial and Freedom Tower. Students that have a history paper to write can pick up some great information here and can walk on and enjoy a picturesque view of NYC and the Statue of Liberty situated on the Hudson, making for a perfect photo opportunity.

Erie Canalway Trail

Upon this impressive trail, students will travel from Buffalo to Albany using towpaths and rails that run along the Erie Canal. It continues along the Canal System, running through New York. With the final completion of the Empire State Trail, this section is almost 100% off-road. Those traveling in groups will appreciate landscapes and views, all offering a super educational experience and photo opportunities.

Students majoring in sciences will appreciate Herkimer County, offering three separate routes to follow. Stop at a Herkimer Diamond Mine for a once-in-a-lifetime mining experience and take home your own raw diamonds! Have a thesis to write on geology, gemology, or earth science? A stop at this location will provide an experience that others will be eager to read about!

Champlain Valley Trail

Two sections of the trail exist and students can enjoy a physical hike along a 12-mile trail starting at Fort Edward and ending at Fort Ann, a new attraction built by the Canal Corporation. The New York State DOT built a small but enjoyable 0.75 mile off-road trail for those that enjoy hiking, snow shoeing, and skiing. Students will also enjoy a local road route that spans 7 miles. 

The Champlain portion of this trail starts in Albany and will take you all the way to the Canadian border. If you are seeking an amazing biking experience, this Valley offers an open way from NYC to Canada by bicycle while offering breath-taking views of Lake Champlain. Spanning over 70 miles, this is a perfect destination where you can gain an education on agriculture and heritage.

Engineering students will also pick up some information on 19th century engineering by viewing a water waste weir. This relies on gravity to remove excess water from the canal. There are also impressive views of Old Lock #7 and #8 which will compliment any NY photo collection. With much to see and even more to do, time spent in NY will be just as memorable as it is educational.

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