Raft on a River through the Lush Forest of Brazil

April 21, 2017 | Stefanie DiMartino

An hour and a half from the friendly island of Florianopolis, explorers can find the lush Serra do Tabuleiro State Park and refreshing Cubatão River. Here the water is so clean that visitors can drink directly from the waterfalls that supply the winding stream. Those who are more adventurous will have the time of their lives rafting down this scenic river with Class II rapids. 

A trip down the river with Apuama Rafting is a thrilling and wet experience, perfect for a hot day. The excursion starts in the middle of the Serra do Tabuleiro State Park, at the foot of Serra do Tabuleiro mountain. After a quick stretch to prepare for paddling, and a car ride to the river, guests are invited to board yellow inflatable rafts. 

The next hour and a half is pure pleasure. Rafters find themselves soaring down thrilling Class II rapids as the Cubatão River winds through valley’s of lush forest and farmland. In the middle of the trip, guests have a chance to drink clean water cascading directly from a waterfall (don’t worry this water is so pure that it supplies most of the drinking water for greater Florianópolis and the south coast region). Rafters can also jump from mini-cliffs and test their fear as guides flip the raft. 

It’s a day of adventure, wonder and thrill. Are you up for the challenge?

To learn more about Apuama Rafting visit apuamarafting.com.br. They offer rafting, rope circuits, paragliding and more. 

We were guests of Apuama Rafting, however, the opinions are our own. 

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