Paragliding in Sicily With Parapendio in Tandem

January 28, 2020 | Sarah Funky

You may be thinking, “Paragliding, that’s terrifying!” Actually, it’s one of the most peaceful “thrill seeking” activities there are, and what better way to do it than along the lush, exotic Sicilian coast. Throughout this adventure, you’ll drive up mountain streets filled with blossoming flowers, and eventually jump from a grassy hilltop 750 meters above the city to smoothly land on a white sand beach.

This video was taken using the GoPro Hero 4 and a selfie stick for the action shots, and a Canon Eos Rebel T3i for prep shots.

My guide, Gaspare, from Parapendio in Tandem made me feel safe the moment we met. Once we got to the top of the mountainside, Gaspare introduced me to the sport with a smile on his face making me laugh along the way. He has been doing this for 25 years and told me that he had multiple licenses and years of training in paragliding. It definitely helped my nerves knowing that! 

I’m not going to run through all the details of the epic adventure, you can check out the video for that, however, I will say that this was an experience like no other and I can’t wait to do it again. If you’re in Sicily make sure to give my friend Vincenzo at Parapendio in Tandem a shout and he’ll make sure you have the flight of a lifetime.

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