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Long Island City is a vibrant neighborhood, and more affordable than Midtown. These are my top picks for the best hotels in Long Island City!

The Ultimate 3-Day NYC Itinerary with a Downloadable PDF

This is the ultimate 3-day NYC itinerary. In it I’ll share all of the top things to do, eat, and see, all through the eyes of local.

Our Dream NYC Apartment Tour: a Two Bedroom, Two Bathroom With Two Terraces!

After living in crowded, dingy, and inconveniently located apartments for the last ten years my husband Luis and I were finally ready to find one that we can call home. In the first two episodes of our apartment video series, we met with Phillip Salem a real estate agent with Triplemint to determine our specific needs and go apartment hunting. After much deliberation, Luis and I finally agreed on the apartment of our dreams and I can’t wait to give you a tour!

Finding an Apartment in New York City Made Easy

Moving to New York City may seem like a daunting task. New York City is very large, very crowded and rents are very expensive. Demand is high and product is low, which creates a competitive edge to apartment hunting. But forewarned is forearmed, as they say, and with the right tips and tricks, you can successfully navigate these tricky waters.

The Giraffe Hotel: NYC’s Most Uniquely Themed Hotel

In many ways, Hotel Giraffe is an urban oasis in the heart of New York. Its décor is inspired by the gentle power, grace and beauty of one of nature’s most beloved animals, with a modern twist. It is easily one of the cities most uniquely themed hotels.

The Library Hotel

The Library Hotel’s collection of over 6,000 books is organized by the Dewey Decimal System.* Each of the 10 guestroom floors honor one of the 10 categories of the DDC and each of our 60 rooms are uniquely adorned with books and art exploring a distinctive topic within the category it belongs to.

Hotel Elysée: a Jazz Age Inspired New York Hotel

Hotel Elysee’s goal is to transport its guests to another era, how fitting was it then that I had lost track of when and where I was.

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