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New York’s Worst Tourist Traps

August 3, 2020

New York is one of the most exciting cities in the world to explore as a visitor. There are tons of unique things to do, see, and experience. However, there are also tons of tourist traps. Today I’m going to go over the most common tourist traps so that you don’t get tricked when you’re visiting!

Ways to Make Your Life Easier as a Student in NYC

July 24, 2020

New York City is regarded as a city of dreams for many students today. The city offers a wide range of student benefits that you just might not find elsewhere. As a student, living New York City is a big win for you, as you get the chance to experience some of the best activities, buy amazing items, and receive a higher standard style of living.

Our Dream NYC Apartment Tour: a Two Bedroom, Two Bathroom With Two Terraces!

May 7, 2020
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After living in crowded, dingy, and inconveniently located apartments for the last ten years my husband Luis and I were finally ready to find one that we can call home. In the first two episodes of our apartment video series, we met with Phillip Salem a real estate agent with Triplemint to determine our specific needs and go apartment hunting. After much deliberation, Luis and I finally agreed on the apartment of our dreams and I can’t wait to give you a tour!

5 Best Home Warranty Companies in New York

May 4, 2020

New York is famous for the busy life, so, the last thing you want is an appliance breaking down. This is why owning a home warranty plan makes good economic sense. Here is a list of the five best home warranty companies in New York to help based on cost, coverage, eligibility, and how these warranties work in New York.

10 Study Tips for New York Students

April 24, 2020

New York is a place of great opportunities. Students of different nationalities are equal and have a wide choice of colleges and universities. It is the city of unlimited entertainment, books, art, and tasty food. Nevertheless, students should know how to succeed in such a wonderful place.

Preparing Your Style for the Streets of New York

April 24, 2020

New York is a huge state and is home to the city that never sleeps. New Yorkers are experts when it comes to fashion and style. They know exactly what to wear and when to wear it, they know the perfect number of layers to put on during each season, and they know if their outfit will be suitable for the entire day they have ahead.

What You Need to Know About Running a Small Business in NYC

February 12, 2020

98% of the 200,000 businesses located in New York City are small (fewer than 100 employees) and 89% are very small (fewer than 20 employees). For many people, running a small business in New York City is the epitome of the American Dream. If you’re considering launching a business in the Big Apple, it’s important you learn about licensing, insurance, and tax laws, so you know what to expect as a small business owner.

How to Dress for Winter in NYC

December 19, 2019

Winter is here and it has brought the cold weather! In order to be comfortable while you are out enjoying New York, you’ll need to prepare your clothing adequately. In this guide, i’ll show you exactly what to wear to ensure that you are always comfy.

New York City Summer Fashion Guide | All Under $100!

July 15, 2019

Summer is here, which means it is hot and sunny in New York! I love this time of year because there are many fun parties and events happening on a daily basis. Part of attending these fabulous events is dressing the part! This is my list of the summer fashion essentials in New York.

How to Choose a Home Warranty Company in NYC

July 2, 2019

Home warranties are not just for aging homes, they are an essential purchase for all homeowners looking to protect themselves from things breaking down in the home. Insuring against unexpected repairs is a smart way to safeguard your budget, making small monthly payments rather than unpredictable large lump sums.

Get Access to All of My Favorite NYC Tips, Walking Tours, and Itineraries All in One Place!

June 20, 2019

Visiting NYC soon and want even more tips? Then sign up below and I will give you access to my BublUp folder with even more resources, such as walking tours, itineraries, useful sites, my favorite things to do, and more.

15 Things to Do in NYC With Kids | Tips, Attractions, and More

June 17, 2019

There are always great places to visit and fun activities to do in NYC. But it can be challenging to come up with ideas that the whole family will enjoy. In this guide, I’m giving you the scoop on fun things to do that are kid and family friendly!

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