Tips For Relocating to New York City

February 27, 2022 | Sarah Funky

It’s the Big Apple, the city that never sleeps and one of the most celebrated metropolises on the planet. When you’re in New York City, it’s impossible not to feel as though you’re in the center of things. If you have a dream of living there for a few years or the rest of your life, you can certainly achieve that. Below are a few things to think about as you make your plans.

Getting Your Education

While the cost of living city by city in New York varies, overall it is an expensive city to live in, and you’ll be in a better position to make the money that you need to cover rent and other costs if you have a college degree. There are a number of colleges and universities throughout the city and nearby, and this could be an excellent opportunity to start networking in a way that would allow you to get a good job there after you graduate.

Whether you choose to attend school in New York City or elsewhere, you can also take advantage of a number of different options to fund your education, including getting access to quality free study resources, applying for federal loans and grants as well as a variety of scholarships. Ultimately, having a good education will be the key to unlocking your potential in the job market, and this is a great chance to get a head start on your future. Another excellent option may be student loans from a private lender, which are not need-based like federal loans are and which may offer favorable repayment plans and low interest rates.

Be Realistic About Housing

New York City housing is somewhat legendary, and not necessarily in a good way. While everything in the city is expensive, this is especially true for housing. And the process for how to get an apartment is unique in its own rite. The key is to adjust your mindset as soon as possible and realize that unless you have a lot of disposable income, you are unlikely to find the perfect combination of as much space as you need in the perfect location at the right price. The good news is that many people live happily in New York City despite this. It gets easier once you’re settled in there as well. You’ll hear about great places through word of mouth. You’ll also have better tenant protections than you would in many parts of the country, and rent control is widespread throughout the city.

Also, some companies provide global relocation services such as housing and living assistance that spare you from the trouble of finding long or short-term housing that fits your needs.

Learning the Neighborhoods

Before you make the big move, it’s a good idea to get to know the different neighborhoods and how they differ from one another. This goes beyond just knowing one borough from another although getting a feel for the different boroughs is a good place to start. This is also where you may need to start compromising on location, size, or price. Things to consider are not just how much you like the neighborhood itself and what amenities it has but how far it is from your work, whether you need public transportation and how good it is, whether you want to be near a park and how much noise bothers you. Above all, don’t get analysis paralysis. You can always move if you don’t like your first choice–or even your second or third one.

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