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16 Things to Know About NYC Before Visiting

Exploring NYC when you’re not from here can be overwhelming. I’ll share insider tips and things to know about NYC before visiting.

How to get from NYC airports to Manhattan (without getting ripped off)

An easy guide to getting from all three New York airports (JFK, LaGuardia, and Newark) to the city center without getting ripped off!

12 Ways to Save Money in NYC

It’s no secret that New York is an expensive city. However, whether you are visiting or living here there are simple ways that you can cut down on your expenses and save money. I’ve complied a list of my top tips for saving money in NYC into this one blog post.

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Top 10 Instagram Photo Locations in NYC (with an interactive map)

NYC is incredibly instagrammabe. To make it easier for you to get the perfect shot during your trip, Tina and I have put together a video guide on how to capture the ideal Instagram shot.

What to wear in NYC by month: A packing guide for each season!

Traveling to New York soon and unsure what to pack? Don’t worry! This is your one-stop guide to what to wear in New York City each month and season.

Secret Spots in NYC: Hidden restaurants, bars, passageways, and more

Hidden gems and secret spots are what make New York City a fun place to explore. In this article, I’ll go over secret restaurants, bars, passageways, and other fun finds in NYC. If you want to see these special places, watch my video guide below.

How to get an apartment in NYC

Are you looking to move? Is your dream to live in NYC? New York City is the second most expensive city with San Francisco being the first. NYC may not be the best budget-friendly location, but as someone who has lived in 4 out of the 5 boroughs, and in Westchester, I have learned tips and tricks to help you save money.

New York’s Worst Tourist Traps

New York is one of the most exciting cities in the world to explore as a visitor. There are tons of unique things to do, see, and experience. However, there are also tons of tourist traps. Today I’m going to go over the most common tourist traps so that you don’t get tricked when you’re visiting!

Ways to Make Your Life Easier as a Student in NYC

New York City is regarded as a city of dreams for many students today. The city offers a wide range of student benefits that you just might not find elsewhere. As a student, living New York City is a big win for you, as you get the chance to experience some of the best activities, buy amazing items, and receive a higher standard style of living.

Our Dream NYC Apartment Tour: a Two Bedroom, Two Bathroom With Two Terraces!

After living in crowded, dingy, and inconveniently located apartments for the last ten years my husband Luis and I were finally ready to find one that we can call home. In the first two episodes of our apartment video series, we met with Phillip Salem a real estate agent with Triplemint to determine our specific needs and go apartment hunting. After much deliberation, Luis and I finally agreed on the apartment of our dreams and I can’t wait to give you a tour!

5 Best Home Warranty Companies in New York

New York is famous for the busy life, so, the last thing you want is an appliance breaking down. This is why owning a home warranty plan makes good economic sense. Here is a list of the five best home warranty companies in New York to help based on cost, coverage, eligibility, and how these warranties work in New York.

10 Study Tips for New York Students

New York is a place of great opportunities. Students of different nationalities are equal and have a wide choice of colleges and universities. It is the city of unlimited entertainment, books, art, and tasty food. Nevertheless, students should know how to succeed in such a wonderful place.

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