The 10 Hottest Places on Earth

November 20, 2019 | Sarah Funky

As a travel blogger, I get to experience some of the most beautiful locations on Earth. From sprawling cityscapes and concrete jungles, to breathtaking scenery and once in a lifetime landscapes, the planet is positively bursting with vibrant cultures, rich, colourful history and excitement for both travellers and holidaymakers alike! But when we choose a location to visit, whether that’s as a solo backpacker searching for enrichment or as a family looking to make memories, there are lots of elements we need to consider. Discover the infographic on this website for a little inspiration. Is the location family friendly or accommodating to backpackers? What is the cuisine like? Is your destination a busy one or more of a relaxed location? And what’s the temperature like?

Photo by Jakub Gorajek on Unsplash

It might surprise you, but more and more travelers are opting to experience the hottest places the Earth has to offer. And who can blame them? When Winter hits in the Northern Hemisphere and all we get is dark mornings and dark nights, chilly temperatures and icy roads, it’s hardly surprising that we go in search for a little heat. But how hot is too hot? Considering experiencing some of these locations yourself? Check out this infographic below for your guide to the hottest place on Earth.

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