The Cypriot Food Experience That Changed My Life

July 3, 2017 | Stefanie DiMartino

I have never left a food tour and said to myself – “Wow, I NEED to move to this country” until now. Between the flavor packed cuisine, the unique cultural experiences along the way, and a charming hostess – Cyprus Taste Tour’s took me on a culinary journey like no other – and I’ve been on over twenty food and drink tours around the world!

Once you’ve had Cypriot cuisine, it’s hard to enjoy cuisine from other parts of the world. The flavor’s found here are creamy, smokey, cheesy and savoury – practically orgasmic. It’s the type of food that you will eat past the point of being full, until you hate yourself. And that’s okay, because after all you’re visiting and you need to indulge while you have the chance, right?

Throughout the six hour culinary journey – I think calling this a “food tour” minimizes how fantastic it is – we did it all. We tasted the wine directly from the vineyard, drank donkey milk from the farm, enjoyed a bangin’ breakfast that turned me on to jams & chutneys, tasted candies from the granddaughter of a famous Cyprus Delights manufacturer, and had a traditional Cypriot Meze feast while enjoying panoramic views of the rolling hills. It was a foodies dream.

Let’s just say I left this tour so full that I skipped dinner. Because every stop along the way was a precious gem that I would never have found myself – let alone on Tripadvisor – and I didn’t want to miss the opportunity to enjoy every moment of it.

Founders of Cyprus Taste Tours, Louisa and Yiota, are Cypriots who always loved sampling new restaurants and trying food around the country. After years of friendship and a food blog, they decided to give tours as a way to share their love for Cypriot cuisine.

There are few Cypriots – if any – that would be willing to try practically every cuisine experience on the island, but Louisa and Yiota have done that, and that is why the carefully selected stops on the tour are so special. They are places that the locals go – where you will find minimal – if any – tourists, which is why this food tour is such a special experience.

Every place we visited had a story behind it, a charming atmosphere and – most importantly – cuisine that will change your life. Seriously, I have an obsession with jams & chutney’s now. The bottomline is, if you’re visiting Cyprus and don’t meet up with Louisa or Yiota you’re making a big mistake. After all, cuisine teaches you the most about a country – and boy, did it teach me that I need to pack my bags and move to Cyprus.


I was a guest of Cyprus Taste Tours, however, the opinions are my own. I went on the driving and winery tour. To book a tour or learn more about the tours that they offer visit

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