10 Days in the Greek Islands & Sicily

Your guide to experiencing the Greek Islands and Sicily. We cover things to do, restaurants, and outdoor experiences.

Which Greek Island Should You Visit? The Essential Guide to the Greek Islands

A vacation to the Greek islands means a week or two of endless sunshine, fabulous beaches and unbelievably delicious food. These three things are certain whichever island you choose to visit. However, beyond that, each of the islands has its own unique offering. In this guide, I’ll go over what each island is best known for.

The Bucket List Guide to Munich

A trip to Germany’s Bavarian capital can feel as if one as stepped back in time. We’re giving you the best of the best when experiencing Munich as a visitor. This covers things to do, gardens & parks, transportation, eating & drinking, and LGBTQ suggestions. Enjoy!

10 Hidden Gems in the Czech Republic

There is so much more to the Czech Republic than what is normally discussed. Yes, the beer here is exceptional. However, there are tons of hidden gems that I discovered during my time living there that should have more of a spotlight. From spas to unique elevators to caving adventures, the Czech Republic is truly fascinating.

Summer in Stockholm: a Cyclists Paradise

Summer in Stockholm is a bike lovers paradise. In some ways, using a car during the warm season seems ludicrous. Pedaling along the bright, winding alleys of old town and exploring islands of the archipelago by bike is a healthy, and useful way to get oriented.

The Stockholm Guide: a Nordic Paradise

In many ways, Stockholm is a perfect city. There are no homeless people, diversity is fully embraced, and education is free. This country has had it figured out for years. This is a metropolis you can’t get bored of — as long as you can afford it. Here is my guide to the Nordic paradise.

A Spa Day High Above the Rooftops of Stockholm

Stockholm’s cool Nordic beauty encompasses all aspects of city life. After a several days of exploring the metropolis you’ll need a moment to relax. What better way to do that than a day at the sky high spa.

A Nordic Culinary Journey Through Stockholm

Local chefs are turning Stockholm into Europe’s rising culinary star. In summer, Neo-Viking chefs utilize all that nature can provide while crops are in bloom. To learn a bit more about Nordic cuisine first hand, I met with my friend Gunilla from Food Tours Stockholm.

Experience Stockholm by Rooftop

Stockholm’s crisp, yet trendy, atmosphere is incredibly beautiful. What better way to learn about it’s history than from above? Here they offer a unique rooftop tour that is perfect for those not afraid of heights!

Go on a Nordic Wildlife Safari in Sweden

Nature is never far away in Stockholm. From the rivers and lakes that surround the 14 islands of the metropolis, to the lush forests thirty minutes from city center. There are always opportunities to escape from the busy life of modern Stockholm. In this city, you can take a wildlife safari.

The Brno Guide: Prague’s Little Brother The Brno Guide: Prague’s Little Brother

Brno is the second largest city in the Czech Republic and only 2.5 hours from Prague. In many ways, Brno is more enjoyable than Prague. To see why, read my guide!

Have You Ever Experienced A Degustation Menu?

If not, it is something that everyone should do at least once in his or her life. A degustation menu is a gourmet experience that is put together for tasting various dishes. We did a degustation menu in Brno, Czech Republic. Here is our experience.