NYBG Orchid Evenings

March 29, 2017 | Stefanie DiMartino


Walking into the New York Botanical Garden, we were not prepared for the epic night that awaited us at Orchid Evenings. The first thought that came to mind was “Why have I not attended this before? In fact, why have I not attended every Orchid Evenings so far?” That is how spectacular this event was. 

For more details on planning your visit, click here. 

Before you enter the The Orchid Show, you’re handed a Ginger Vanilla cocktail, which later on in the evening turned to three (no shame in my game) 

Historically, a symbol of power, wealth, and luxury in England, the orchids are absolutely breathtaking and create a mystical environment as you walk through the greenhouse. Visitors are treated to displays of thousands of orchids as they grow in the wild, in much the same way as the Victorian explorers first encountered them—cascading from branches, nestled in crevices, and reaching up from beneath rain forest trees. It was truly awe-inspiring, and i’m sure the modern jazz music, fabulous dancing, and delicious beverages helped to enhance their natural beauty even more. 

Luis and I went for date night, and there were many couples that had the same idea. I also saw groups of girls out together all trying to capture the perfect Instagram shot. Essentially, Orchid Evenings is the perfect classy night out with friends or a loved one. It’s running through April 16th so don’t miss you’re chance to visit!

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