Travel Tips

Seven Essential Items You’ll Need on Your Next Trip Abroad

April 9, 2019

As a frequent traveler and digital nomad, I’ve lived in 27 countries, visited 123 cities, and traveled 210,993 miles in…

The Perfect Thriller Novel to Take on Your Next Vacation (Giveaway)

March 29, 2019

This post is sponsored by on behalf of Harlequin From the moment I picked up Karen Hamilton’s new novel,…

4 Tips for Stress-free Travel With Kids

January 22, 2019

Traveling with your kids can be an incredibly rewarding— and sometimes overwhelming— adventure. The typical travel stressors— like delayed flights,…

How You Can Give Yourself a Weekend Getaway on a Budget

December 31, 2018

We all need to recharge and take a break from our hectic lives every once in a while. A weekend…

Why You Need to Get Travel Medical and Evacuation Insurance While Abroad

September 18, 2018

If you are traveling outside of the US, travel medical/evacuation insurance should be one of the first things you add…

How to Design a Travel Themed Room

June 14, 2018

Traveling changes lives and opens people to new ideas, perspectives, and opinions. I believe it is something that everyone needs…

Tips on Choosing the Best Travel Buddy for Your Next Vacation

May 11, 2018

Your travel buddies can either make or break your precious holiday vacation. And choosing them isn’t as easy as “hey,…

11 Travel Tips for Looking and Feeling Flawless

April 27, 2018

Let’s be honest. Traveling does not create the ideal conditions for looking flawless. Often you’re running on little sleep, sleeping…

The Most Efficient Way to Travel the World Cheaply

March 22, 2018

Sponsored by Skyscanner Unlike what you may have heard, it is possible to travel the world cheaply. Over the last 12…

The Best, the Worst, the Most Shocking, and More in a Year of Travel

March 13, 2018

THIS ARTICLE CONTAINS A SPECIAL GIVEAWAY! In a year of traveling the world, you see a lot. Some good, some…

Tips on How to Survive a 15-hour Flight

February 27, 2018

If you have a long flight coming up and are looking for tips on how to survive it then you…

What to Pack for a Trip Around the World

December 4, 2017

“What do you pack for a year long trip around the world?” This is one of the questions I get…

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